Devil images around Justice Scalia at Cibolo Creek Ranch

On February 13, 2016, news came that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, had died in his sleep “of natural causes” at a luxury hunting resort, the Cibolo Creek Ranch in remote West Texas, where rooms are priced at $535 to $565 per night for two people.

Scalia was part of a private group of 36 people in a long Valentine’s-Presidents’ Day weekend blue quail-hunting vacation, courtesy (which means it was a freebie) of ranch owner John B. Poindexter, 71, a Houston billionaire and Democrat donor.

Scalia had a friend with him, 74-year-old prominent Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster. Poindexter and Foster, as well as an unknown number of Scalia’s “private group,” are high-ranking members of an elite secretive society called the International Order of St. Hubertus, supposedly dedicated to hunting and wildlife conservation. The U.S. chapter of the Order was inaugurated in the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The Bohemian Club’s other location is the Bohemian Grove, where every summer male elites would cavort and worship a 30-ft. tall owl demon. (See “When Justice Scalia died from unknown causes, he was with high-ranking members of a secretive elite society“)

Independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has been reporting from west Texas. In his for-subscribers-only report of Feb. 15, 2016, “Scalia’s hunting ranch was meeting place for secret society,” Madsen describes Mexican “diablo” or devilish artifacts that are part of the decor of Cibolo Creek Ranch, which should be disturbing for a devout Catholic such as Antonin Scalia.

We begin with disquieting furniture, objects, and paintings, including a baby’s crib and made-up single beds inexplicably placed in the outside passage ways of the ranch, which is a 5-star resort (all photos are by Wayne Madsen):

(1) A baby’s crib

(2) Made-up single beds lined up in an outside passageway:

(3)  A fire pit outside Scalia’s room, the “El Presidente” suite:

Madsen writes:

There was evidence that on the evening that Scalia died, there was a party outside his suite. There was ash still in the pit, some broken glass, and cigar ashes in the ashtray. Scalia was an avid cigar aficionado.

(4) A box of matches next to the ashtray, with a cover depicting the ancient Mayan practice of human sacrifice:

(5) Reproduction of a Roman pagan painting outside the dining room where Scalia had his last meal:

Madsen notes that the painting “evoked memories of the pre-St. Valentine’s Day Roman pagan holiday of Lupercalia, celebrated around February 14th and known for drinking and orgies.” In Roman mythology, Lupercus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Pan.

Then there are the explicitly-satanic artifacts:

A statue of a devil in a corridor leading to Scalia’s room. Beneath the devil are a dead (?) woman, a human skeleton, and little children:

A row of devil masks on a wall of Cibolo Creek Ranch’s dining room where Scalia had his last meal:

Here are closeups of four of the devil masks overlooking Scalia as he dined:

Scalia was Catholic. If I found myself in a hotel/resort with these devil masks and statue, I would hightail myself out of the hotel in a jiffy.

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