Black bear in zoo becomes unlikely friend with cat

In 2000, employees at the Berlin Zoo noticed that a house cat started to appear around the enclosure of Mäuschen, an 800-lb. Asiatic black bear.

(The zoo staff clearly have a sense of humor because the German word mäuschen means “little mouse”.)

The hulking black bear outweighs and dwarfs the black cat. But Mäuschen not only did not harm the cat, the two became inseparable friends.

The zoo staff named the cat Muschi. (The German word muschi means “pussy cat”.)

In 2007, Muschi and Mäuschen were kept apart while the bear’s enclosure was expanded. Muschi was so upset that she would sit outside her bud’s temporary cage and cry.

After that, the two were never apart again.

No one knows from where Muschi came or why she is so drawn to the bear, but their affection for each other is undeniable.

Source: BoredomTherapy


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