Sandy Hook: The girl who doesn’t exist and her parents’ $0 home

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About 3 months ago, I did a post on a curious couple named Joseph and Lynn Wasik who were interviewed by the media in the days immediately after the alleged massacre on Dec. 14, 2012 of 20 children and 6 adults by alleged lone gunman Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut.

Although the Wasiks were not victims — their daughter, Alexis, not being one of Lanza’s victims — they readily made themselves available to the media, including this interview with Fox News on Dec. 16, 2012.

What caught my attention was how, during the entire 12-minute interview, Joseph kept his left hand at his daughter’s throat, undeterred by Alexis’ repeated attempts to free herself from his suffocating hold.

Each time Alexis moved his hand away from her throat, Joseph not only moved his hand back, he clasped his left hand with his right hand to better control Alexis, while the mother, Lynn, reinforced her husband’s grip by putting her hand on her husband’s left arm, thereby increasing the weight of Joseph’s hand against the girl’s throat.

Something very wrong was going on.

This is a follow-up on that post.

To begin, Email Finder says Joseph Wasik, born in 1969, age 46, who lives at 80 Engleside Terrace, Sandy Hook, CT 06482, has 5 relatives (Lisa J Bishop, Kristin Harlow Gingras, Lynn Marie Ingrassia, Michael J Ingrassia, Michael Andrew Ingrassia), none of whom is Alexis Wasik.

I then searched for “Lynn Wasik, Connecticut” on VerifyPast. It says she’s 44 years old; has lived at 80 Engleside Ter. since 2007; and has one relative: Joseph Wasik. No mention of Alexis.

Next, I conducted a search for “Alexis Wasik,” using three people search engines:

  1. I searched for the birth records of “Alexis Wasik” of Connecticut in VerifyPast. Result: No records.
  2. I searched for “Alexis Wasik” in The only result is an Alexia Wasik, who was born in Ohio.
  3. I searched for Alexis Wasik, female, born in Connecticut, whose parents are Joseph and Lynn Wasik in There were 25 results, none of which is Alexis Wasik. Most of the 25 are not even people whose last name is Wasik. When I modified the search to include the address “80 Engleside Terrace, Sandy Hook,” there were 10 results, only 5 of which were relevant (the other 5 results were of people whose last names weren’t Wasik.) The 5 relevant results are:
    1. Morgan Alexis Wasik, born on Jan 9, 1998 in Clark, Nevada, which would make this Wasik 14 years old at the time of the Sandy Hook shooting, which means this is not the Alexis Wasik in the Fox News video because she was identified as a third-grader, which means she was about 9 years old.
    2. The other 4 results were of U.S. School Yearbooks and U.S. Phone and Address Directories of an “Alexis Wasik” whose residence is in Michigan.

When I searched for “Joseph Wasik, Connecticut” in VerifyPast, his addresses previous to the present one in Sandy Hook included POB 6076, Rutland, VT 05702; 222 Bradley Ave., Waterbury, CT 06708, and 650 Mix Ave., Hamden, CT 06514.

So I searched for “Alexis Wasik” in “Vermont” on VerifyPast, but was told, once again, “no records”. I then expanded the search for Alexis Wasik to nationwide on VerifyPast. There are 4 records of “Alexis Wasik,” all of whom are in Michigan; one of whom is 86 years old.

In other words, according to 4 people search engines, Alexis Wasik, the daughter of Joseph and Lynn Wasik, does not exist.

There are some who claim that genealogy websites like do not publish personal information, such as birth records, of minors.

That is not true. Not only is there no disclaimer on to that effect, I was able to find personal data, specifically the SSDI (Social Security Death Index), of Lanza’s alleged child victims on precisely those genealogy websites, even though those children were first-graders — about 3 years younger than Alexis Wasik. See “Dec. 14 was date of death for every Sandy Hook massacre victim, except Adam Lanza“.

The last search I conducted was for the Wasiks’ home in Vision Government Solutions’ data base. The result:

Owner(s): Lynn Ingrassia and Joseph Wasik
Sale price: $0
Sale date: 12/25/09

Here’s a screen shot I took of the search result, showing the date and time when I took the screen shot:

In other words, the Wasiks acquired their home for $0, just like the homes of 17 Sandy Hook victims, and those of the three selectmen (who make up Newtown’s governing body) and of non-victims Gene Rosen and the Phelps (who had made themselves readily available for TV interviews about the massacre) — all of which also had a sale price of $0 and a sale date of 12/25/09. (See “The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes“)

Update (Oct. 5, 2015 – A):

FOTM reader Jan found a birth announcement in The (Danbury, CT) News-Times of May 27, 2004:


KELLEHER – A daughter, Shannon Theresa, to Thomas and Patricia Kelleher of Cornfield Ridge, Newtown, May 15, 2004. WASIK – A daughter, Alexis Marie, to Joseph and Lynn Wasik of 80 Engleside Terrace, Sandy Hook, May 15, 2004. GREENWICH HOSPITAL ANASTACIO – A daughter, Abigail Olivia, to Stacey and Felipe Anastacio of Carmel, NY., May 2, 2004. FOSS – A daughter, Ava Belle, to Mr. and Mrs. Cody Foss of Sandy Hook, May 9, 2004.

Given this birth announcement, I wonder why the genealogy and people-search websites don’t have a listing for Alexis Wasik?

Of course, anyone can put a birth announcement in a newspaper, which was what Obama’s maternal grandparents did — an announcement of Barack Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961, published on page B-6 of the Honolulu Advertiser of August 13, 1961. I have personally seen the announcement on a microfilm in a major U.S. university library. But as we all know, the newspaper announcement of his birth is not a birth certificate certifying that Obama was born in Honolulu. What Obama proffered to be an image of his birth certificate has been determined by document forensics experts to be a fake.

UPDATE (Oct. 5, 2015 – B):

FOTM reader Crom found another page of New-Times birth announcements, listing three May 2004 births at Danbury Hospital, none of which is Alexis Wasik, whose birth was on May 15, 2004, according to the previous birth announcement (see above under “Update Oct. 5, 2015 – A). Below are the May 2004 births according to this page:


SCHULTZ – A son, Mason James, to Brian Schultz and Nina Setaro of Washington, May 7, 2004. COLE – A son, Javan James, to Tim and Melanie Cole of Summit Street, Danbury, May 17, 2004. HECK – A daughter, Madison Kathleen, to Michael and Jacqueline Heck of East Liberty Street, Danbury, May 21, 2004.

Alexis Wasik’s birth on May 15, 2004, should be between Mason James Schultz’s (on May 7, 2004) and Javan James Cole’s (on May 17, 2004). But it isn’t.

Why the discrepancy between the two sets of birth announcements?

UPDATE (Oct. 10, 2015):

Is “Alexis Wasik” child actress Aubrey Miller? (h/t FOTM reader cs)


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8 responses to “Sandy Hook: The girl who doesn’t exist and her parents’ $0 home

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  3. Notice all the video has been censored by YouTube.

    They are on the wrong side of history, because the TRUTH will prevail.

    I was driving by the school on my way to work a mile away, at the exact time of the alleged shooting, about 1000′. As a firearm owner, I believe I would have heard 9mm gunfire (you can hear it from Wooster Mountain, a gun range, easily 1000′ from a busy Rt 7 in Ridgefield, CT. There are lots of trees between the range and the road as well, and you can hear the semi-automatic gunfire easily from the road). I do not believe Sandy Hook was real.

    See Patriot and Light Warrior Wolfgang Halbig’s work on the False Flag, as well as Sofia Smallstrom’s Documentary. “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”.

  4. How did they manage to strip your first You Tube with Mike Wallace interviewing almost as soon as you posted?
    I tried to locate it for you and it’s gone, equally important why did they pull it??
    I’m inviting you Dr E and your readers to stop by my site. Please enjoy

    • Note the publication date of this post: Oct. 4, 2015. I restored and republished this post yesterday after it was burned down by WordPress, along with all of FOTM, last August 14.

  5. In about the first week after this operation went down, there was a posting (video) from a man who claimed to live in Newtown. He said he was “playing hooky” from work that day and had driven to a convenience store for something.

    He mentioned that his wife worked at the high school. He said that as he drove past the fire station he noticed all sorts of official vehicles and ambulances very early (prior to the stated hour of the “shooting), and that he had called his wife at the high school to see if she’d heard anything about all the commotion.

    It was very believable. It has long since been scrubbed and I lost a hard drive with most of my links some time ago. There were other people initially who made comments as well about this being a drill.

    The more we dug the fishier it got. Some of the various threads are quite easy to see for what they are. Even to this day I keep encountering additional information about this. Little by little the “holes” keep getting plugged.

    Even for those that haven’t made much of a study of this it should be obvious from the various players that this is a fraud of staggering proportions. As Dr. E points out, how DOES one explain discrepancies such as these? It is clear that these characters were just that….characters.

    After all, haven’t we lived through an eight year fraud with Obongo? Does anyone doubt that his “history” was manufactured? We are all living in a time where manufactured “reality” is a daily part of life. This was but one more fraudulent operation in a sea of them.

  6. Interesting. When I was at the light on Rt 34 and Dickinson Drive at 9:37AM on Friday Dec 14, 2012 – the exact time it was alleged the shooting was happening, not only did I hear nothing, but I too noticed a lot of cars around there. Now I normally got to work at 9, and as I was running late, I didn’t know what the traffic patterns were, so it didn’t make an impact until several weeks later when the light went on (after hearing Coroner Carver say, “if this doesn’t come crashing down on the heads of Newtown families (sic)”, and Robbie Parker’s impossible smiles 36 hours after his alleged daughter was shot. In fact, as a Photoshop expert myself, the photo of him and his family of three kid, it looks like he took an older photo of himself, his wife, and his legitimate 2 children, and then pasted in the image of one of the girls, now several years older. In fact, I am CERTAIN this is what they did. Also, Lanza’s face was completely Photoshopped, and it might have been Ryan Lanza as a 16 year-old.

    The fact that the cops were hassling honest men like Wolfgang Halbig and Dr. Jim Fetzer, as well as regular people inquiring, AND all the PooTube and Gurggle censorship ought to make people suspect. But so many liberals I know – especially Dems – cannot believe people would be so evil. This is their bias.

    The amount of hassling I get is so disturbing. People seem to want the lie. Shame on these lemmings Sleeple, and damn the traitorous criminals who committed this false flag. May they get hanged.

    • Yes, I believe you. I also believed the other gentleman I mentioned and a couple of others who commented in the same vein. Recently I have started to consider “National Security Letters” as a possible reason for the universal silence. It is plain to me that there must be many who know this is garbage.

      There is also a sort of “mind-control” component that works well on some people. When this happened a guy I worked with was VERY upset by it. I thought he was going to rip my head off for espousing doubt. For people like that somehow, “kids” and “schools” evoke some primal reaction that strips away all common sense.

      This guy eventually came to his senses but I admit to being surprised by his reactions. I don’t even understand why someone would get upset by another who doesn’t “believe” in the Sandy Hook religion.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comments and please keep them up. I noticed the same phenomenon happening with 9-11 as with Sandy Hook. Some of the early stuff was instructive. It quickly disappeared.

      One of the threads early on was from another local resident who did about three videos then announced that he was frightened and wouldn’t be doing any more. He had lived there his whole life. He talked of a period when the town changed from being mostly “working class” and “everybody helping each other” to being “imported yuppie” and all of the older businesses going away.

      From his information it became clear that something had been in the works for a long time. All of these various threads actually fit together quite well. As time went on some with first-hand knowledge added to the mix and helped to tie up several loose ends.

      For those who feel upset about those of us who prefer our “reality” unprocessed, I think they should examine why they feel it an imperative to “require” universal “belief” in a state religion. They should just go sit in their echo chambers and spew nonsense at each other. If they want to believe in EMT’s pronouncing death, autopsies in the parking lot, “officials” deciding to restrict children from their parents, etc., etc., and on and on, let them. It’s people like them that keep the vinyl siding salesmen in business.


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