Lynx in zoo shares food and friendship with homeless kitten

A homeless kitten — a calico house cat — hungry and alone in the world, snuck into the European Lynx enclosure in Russia’s St. Petersburg’s Zoo in search of food.

The lynx, many times bigger than the kitten, not only shared her food and water with the kitten, the two have become best friends.

According to locals, the calico cat was only a kitten when she first stumbled into the lynx enclosure. Instead of rejecting or fighting off the tiny intruder, the lynx embraced her visitor with open paws and a big, warm heart.

Since the calico was only a kitten when the pair first formed a bond, the kitten looks at the lynx like her mother. The once-lonely lynx returns the cat’s affection.

Happily, zoo employees adopted the homeless cat, and the lynx and cat now live in the same enclosure.

The lynx is a medium-sized wild feline found in the remote northern forests of North America, Europe, and Asia. Solitary by nature, the lynx hunts at night, but are themselves hunted by humans for their coat.

The St. Petersburg Zoo, aka Leningradskiy Zoopark (Leningrad Zoo), is Russia’s oldest zoo, founded in 1865. Today, the zoo houses more than 400 species, numbering 2,000 animals.

Here’s a video of cat and lynx lovingly grooming each other:

H/t FOTM’s maziel

“Be kind. Be kind. And you will become a saint.”

-St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)


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