Partners in Crime: birds steal food for dogs

Fri, 10 Apr 2015 13:47:16 +0000


#1: The pasta is in a bowl on the kitchen counter, accessible to the flying bird but not to the earth-bound dog. So parrot shares pasta with dog!


#2: Bird brings spaghetti from pot on stove and shares with dog on ground. Look how patient and polite the dog is.


#3: Accessibility is not the issue here, as bird, cat, and dog are all on the floor, in proximity to the food. But the crow brings morsels of food from the container and lovingly beak-feeds the cat and dog.


A bird empathizes with the dog on the ground, and so brings the inaccessible pasta to share with the dog.

A crow lovingly feeds morsels of food to her cat and dog housemates.

Just because non-human animals can’t speak our language doesn’t mean we can’t understand their behaviors — of inter-species kindness, friendship, and love.

H/t Robyn Lee of Serious Eats and FOTM’s silent reader CSM


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