Stray dogs attend funeral service of woman who had fed them

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Have you noticed that civility and good manners increasingly are vanishing from American society?

Just the other day, an acquaintance asked me for names of “good but inexpensive” divorce attorneys in the area where she lives. I asked a couple of attorneys I know, and forwarded their emails to her. One of the attorneys went the extra mile by providing legal websites, names, and his professional counsel.

For that I did not even get an acknowledgment from my acquaintance, even less a thank you. Such is life in 21st-century America today . . . .

I should consider myself lucky, for it could have been a case of “No good deed goes unpunished.” Indeed, in my life experiences, that saying often turns out to be true, my kindness being repaid with ingratitude and sometimes outright betrayal.

But animals — those “creatures without sin” — have NEVER EVER repaid my kindness with indifference or ingratitude. Each and everyone of them is/was appreciative, demonstrates their gratitude in every way, and they never forget.

Margarita Suarez was a kind woman in Merida, Mexico, who every morning would feed the stray dogs and cats in her neighborhood. She would also carry a bag of food with her for other stray creatures she encounters in her walks during the day.

This story is about how Margarita’s stray dogs remember and repay her kindness.

Margarita Suarez funeral

Alex Wellman reports for The Mirror, March 29, 2015, that Margarita Suarez died after her health took a poor turn at the beginning of March.

Her family was stunned when animals began arriving at the funeral parlor where Margarita’s body was being kept. Workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and said they had never seen them before.

On the day of the funeral, a large number of stray dogs slowly followed the hearse carrying Margarita and even returned to the funeral home, staying until her body was cremated.

Stray-dogs-attend-funeral-of-lady-that-used-to-feed-themStray-dogs-attend-funeral-of-lady-that-used-to-feed-them (1)

A bird, not native to the area, also flew into the service and tweeted away contently.

Margarita’s family believe the animals wanted to say goodbye to the kind lady who had been so good to them.

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