Creation: super intelligent crow

If anyone tries to insult you by calling you “bird brain,” show them this video from BBC (re-broadcast on PBS), part of its excellent Inside the Animal Mind series.

Crows have a reputation of being very intelligent. Watch this crow solve an 8-step puzzle.

How many humans can do that? LOL

H/t FOTM’ s josephbc69


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Crows are highly intelligent and they can also “talk” or at least mimic speech very well. I worked at a state game preserve in Maine when I was a kid and we had crows there. One in particular was very talkative much to the amusement of visitors. Then he learned to say the F word. That was a problem. He was released back to the wild shortly after that

Joseph BC69
Joseph BC69

I have several crow-dependent families outside my house on two trees; they’ve been there for at least 3 years. I think they stay here year-round because they take my food offerings anytime of day within a minute or two of my being there.

When I saw this video I was so mightily impressed that I had to send it on to Eo!