Prayer and Fasting Can Stop an Atomic Bomb!

Note from Eowyn: This post’s author is Mike Mains, a former contributor to FOTM.

Bread and water

Can prayer and fasting really stop an atomic bomb? Stop it right in its tracks? Absolutely. And I’m going to prove it to you with a well documented case in which it did exactly that. But first, let’s take a look at what Heaven says about prayer and fasting.

We know from the Bible that Moses fasted for forty days before receiving the Ten Commandments, and that Jesus also fasted for forty days before being tempted by the devil. In Matthew 17 we can read the famous story of a possessed man that the disciples could not cure. When Jesus healed the man, his disciples asked him, “Why could we not cast him out?” Jesus replied, “…this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” In other words, prayer and fasting can heal illness and cast out demons!

In the book “The Visions of the Children” by Janice T. Connell, we learn from the Blessed Mother herself and the visionaries of Medjugorje the following facts about prayer and fasting:

“My children, you have forgotten. Prayer and fasting will stop war. It will change the natural law.” (Page 20)

…it’s very beneficial for our souls if we fast three days a week. (Page 63)

Fasting is a type of purification… It allows us to experience the value of our free will over ourselves and the requirements of our bodies. (Page 63)

…the Blessed Mother asks us to fast. She says a person who does not fast does not know God. (Page 91)

The Blessed Mother has asked us to fast from sinful places, sinful situations, and sinful sensual experiences… (Page 92)

…the Blessed Mother says it is urgent that all people on earth pray and fast. No one is exempted. Without prayer and fasting, the human heart is helpless to hear God or see God – to choose God. (Page 105)

The only way to peace and love is prayer and fasting. (Page 121)

The Blessed Mother has said that peace can only come through prayer and penance. With prayer and fasting, she says that even war can be stopped. (Page 129)

The Blessed Mother says prayer and fasting can change even the natural law. (Page 143)

The Blessed Mother and Jesus help us to know that it is prayer and fasting that free the human mind from its illusions. (Page 178)

Fast twice a week on bread and water. (Page 196)

Pretty powerful stuff. But don’t let it appear daunting. According to the Blessed Mother, the best way to fast is on bread and water. So even while fasting, the body is taking in some nourishment and staying hydrated.

Fasting on bread and water is really not that hard, especially if you do it the way I do, which is to go to the health food store and buy the healthiest and best tasting bread I can find. The bread tastes so good, and coupled with prayer and the knowledge that I’m helping to save souls and take people to Heaven, a day on bread and water becomes an absolute joy. (Naturally, if you decide to embark on fasting, consult your doctor first and get his or her permission.)

I’ll tell you something else: When I fast for a day I feel completely in control of my thoughts and emotions, and much closer to God. It’s also a great confidence booster, knowing that you’re in charge of your body. Temptation becomes easy to resist and you feel like your body and your mind are forged in steel. Try it yourself and you’ll see.

Now, about that atomic bomb story I mentioned… If prayer and fasting can stop war and change the natural law, then surely it can stop a lil ol’ atomic bomb, couldn’t it? In 1945, four Jesuit priests, Fathers Schiffer, Lasalle, Kleinsore, and Cieslik, were living in Japan where they prayed the Rosary, fasted, and, in their own words, tried to “live the message of Our Lady of Fatima.” Their parish house was only eight houses away from the center an atomic bomb blast. Although everyone within a one mile radius of the blast was either killed instantly or died soon after from radiation poisoning, not one of the priests suffered more than a scratch, and none of them experienced any after-effects of radiation. Their house was the only building left standing.

So you see, prayer and fasting really can stop an atomic bomb!


This is my 50th post on Fellowship of the Minds. It’s an honor to work with such talented writers and researchers as Dr. Eowyn, Joandarc, DCG, Traildust, Steve, and Dave. And it’s an even greater honor to benefit from such wonderful readers. I visit a lot of different sites, and I can tell you straight up that Fellowship of the Minds has the most intelligent, loyal, and well spoken readers of any site on the web. It’s you, the reader, who really makes this site special.

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