Blessed Michael Giedroyc (d. 1485)

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Blessed Michael GiedroycToday, May 4th, the universal Church honors Blessed Michael Giedroyc, a true hero of his time and an example of a person who completely offered their tremendous suffering to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael was born near Vilnius, Lithuania, as a dwarf shouldering other handicaps as well. He could only use one foot and because of his serious health issues, his efforts to become educated were affected. In spite of Michael’s severe handicaps, he showed artistry in metal working, using bronze ad silver, wherein he created sacred sacramentals, including chalices.

He went to Krakow, Poland and became an Augustinian monk, living a hermit’s life in a cell that was attached to the monastery. Accordingly, Michael devoted his entire life to Our Lord, praising and thanking Him through prayer, fasting and penance. His life ended in 1485.

St. John Paul II recognized the holiness of Blessed Michael, addressing the faculty of the Pontifical Academy of Theology about 15th century Krakow, that it was the “century of saints,” wherein he mentioned Blessed Michael and his holiness to these illustrious scholars.

Let us remember Blessed Michael every day, remembering his courage, devotion, loyalty, steadfastness and pure love throughout all of his suffering for Our Lord and His people. We must offer our daily suffering to Jesus as a great prayer and act of love. We must say often every day, “Jesus, I Trust In You!”

Pray for us Blessed Michael!



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