German Shepherd comforts mourners at cemetery

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We think of angels having wings, but some come with fur instead of wings.

Brad Beal of Lincolnton, N.C., used to wonder what his 2½-year-old German Shepherd, Boh, does during the day.

Dianne Gallagher reports for WCNC, March 5, 2014, that it was only when Boh went missing that Beal found out his dog was spending his days in the nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery comforting the mourners. 

Update (Dec. 22, 2018): The WCNC link no longer works.

Beal said Boh “just started going over to the graveyard and hanging out with the guys as they were working on the graves out here and he just kind of became a part. He would walk the ladies from their cars to the office every morning. He’d console the families.”

Forest Lawn Cemetery, on E. Hwy 150, was the last place Boh was seen. A person working at the cemetery said they saw a woman wearing scrubs put the dog in her car and drive off on February 28th.

In addition to searching on foot and in their cars, Tina Kennedy and Brad Beal posted photos and pleas on Facebook. The posts went viral and the messages started pouring in. One man said: “You won’t believe what your dog done for me. He’s helped me grieve through this process.’ And we’re finding all this out on Facebook.”

Comments on photos and shared links called the dog “God’s shepherd watching over loved ones gone, but not forgotten.” Other people shared their personal stories on how Boh comforted them in their time of need.

Happily, this story has a joyous ending. reports that one week after his disappearance, Boh was found, safe and unharmed, about 25 miles away from his home in Lincolnton, according to the Bring Boh Home Facebook page.

His owners say it was a post on the Facebook page that led them to the dog.


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5 responses to “German Shepherd comforts mourners at cemetery

  1. I’m not at all surprised, because Shepherds are rated in the top 10 percentile for canine intelligence in a famous recent German study of more than 200 breeds. During the Germans as I do, I’m sure they did not put the Shepherd up there because they were German Shepherds! In the study they were classed as a group, i.e., along with Belgian Shepherds.

    And I couldn’t end this without mentioning the dumbest K9s: again, these are classified in a group, as dogs far too overbred, with small heads, long pointed snouts, etc. and typically are greyhounds, whippets, and Afghanistan hounds.

    • Not ‘During’ but ‘Knowing’ instead!

      This new server’s editor has a nasty habit of allowing a word I want, then when I scroll down to continue writing it goes to something else! So far it’s never done it when I’m actually looking down and writing, so it’s pretty sneaky. Shades of Alexa, or perhaps a case of Alexa’s AI propagating itself to other sites & services.

      This is a purposeful action by a function that’s supposed to be under our control, but as I pointed out in my writing on this 35 years ago, the machine modality is rationally irrational: it wants to remove anything that it sees as out of place or irregular. Unfortunately, it does this via its own lights, instead of ours!

  2. Having owned a German Shepherd angel of my own like Boh, imo, there’s no better breed that’s compassionate, loyal, intelligent, noble, adaptable, strong, cheerful & devoted.

    Though I put my buddy down 4 years ago, my heart melts every time I see a Shepherd. Earlier this summer I was chatting briefly with a couple who was walking their Shepherd, and the dog unexpectedly jumped all over me and gave me a little lovin’. They apologized, but I was fine with it, I said perhaps my buddy snuck back across the rainbow bridge for a few moments.

    My parents suddenly lost their Shepherd just before Halloween, and it’s the first time in about 35 years that someone in the family hasn’t had a GSD.

    Boh completely understood what was going on in going to the cemetery.

    I’m biased when it comes to dogs, of course, but I swear you can look through the eyes of a German shepherd, and see what kind of soul they are. I can’t say that about other dogs.

  3. Please look a little harder and longer, as it is all there.


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