St. Volusian

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Tours, France

Today, January 18th, we celebrate the Feast of St. Volusian, Bishop of Tours in France.

Volusian lived at a time before clerical celibacy was enforced in the West, wherein he was married to an apparently difficult woman known for her violent temper, which caused great suffering and hardship for the bishop.  He also lived during a most volatile time in history, with the barbarian invasions ensuing, with a fear of the Visigoths everywhere.  He was of senatorial ranking, wealthy, and the relative of a bishop who preceded him, St. Perpetuus, living whilst Clovis was king of the Franks, the enemy of the Goths.


St. Volusian wrote to Bishop Ruricius of nearby Limoges, expressing his trepidation and fear of the Goths who had already been terrorizing his diocese.  Bishop Ruricius replied in humor, that someone who lived with terror inside his own home, meaning Volusians’ wife, should have no fear from the outside.

The Goths overran St. Volusians’ diocese, and believing his allegiance to Clovis, the Goths, in or about 496, drove him from his see into exile in Spain.

St. Gregory of Tours gave us the knowledge of St. Volusian, who succeeded him as Bishop.  He described the awful danger and turmoil of that time, how cities were sacked, governments disbanded and harmed, wherein the Church, by and through the Bishops, were the stabilizing factor and rock for the people.

We are not sure that Volusian died in southern France or in Spain; we simply know that he was driven from his see, went into exile and died after ruling as bishop for seven years.

This particular saint showed us the necessity for leaning on God at all times.  He lived in terrible times where much cruelty reigned.  Let us not forget that God is with us no matter the difficulty or challenge, especially since that we, today, live in very evil times as well, wherein “in your face evil” is shown to us every day.  Say as often as possible during your day, “Jesus, I Trust In You!”




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