John Kerry flicks his tongue like a snake

Human beings don’t flick their tongues out; snakes do.

Like this garter snake:


When you speak, do you flick your tongue out? Not once, not twice, but throughout your speech?

I can truthfully say that when I speak, I’ve NEVER EVER flicked or stuck my tongue out. Nor have I ever seen anyone speaking either privately or publicly flick their tongue.


Yesterday, I asked why Secretary of State John Kerry, who will be 70 years old in 3 months, mutilated his face with plastic surgery.

Today, I draw your attention to something even more disturbing about Kerry — his flicking serpentine tongue.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video below (red arrow is pointing at ghoulish Kerry’s flicking tongue):

Here’s a video of John Kerry delivering his statement a week ago at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing on Obama’s proposed war against Syria, Sept. 3, 2013. Watch him periodically flick his tongue out — at the 07:46, 07:50, 07:52, 07:58, 08:10, 08:13 (and so on) marks:

Infowars‘ Alex Jones has a loop of Kerry’s tongue-flicking, but YouTube took down the video:


I’m reminded of another tongue-flicker — Anita Dunn, who was Obama’s White House Communications Director from April through November 2009. She is married to Robert Bauer, an attorney who was Obama’s White House counsel from Jan. 2010 to June 2011.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video below (yellow arrow is pointing at Dunn’s tongue):

Watch this video of Dunn giving a speech at a high school graduation, where she periodically flicks out her tongue in lightning speed, just like a snake — at the 0:06, 0:13, 0:30, 0:44 (and so on) marks:


Here’s a video of her flicking tongue in slow motion:


Here’s a better pic of Dunn sticking her tongue way out:

See also “Exorcists: Demon-possessed ‘can take on the look of a reptile or snake”.


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1 year ago

Seems to be a Jew thing. I wonder why.


[…] John Kerry flicks his tongue like a snake […]


[…] You can see the videos of Dunn and Kerry by going to “John Kerry flicks his tongue like a snake“. […]

Big Tim
Big Tim
1 year ago

In the YT video of Kerry, what is that on the left side of his head? Wait, it seems to be on both sides of his head. His eyes look really, really strange.

1 year ago

I don’t care about his tongue-flicking (WELL…it IS annoying and creepy….like people chewing/crunching cereal too loudly in the morning , or licking their lips loudly/sloppily….etc etc…at the breakfast table)….BUT—OTOH….I don’t care, either, what plastic surgery he might have had…his HORSE FACE has always distracted me–even BEFORE . God forgive me for judging his looks…but I just could NEVER stand to look at his HORSE FACE in any political role that he served–before OR after plastic surguries of any kind… Also….what EVER happened to his economically well-positioned Heinz -fortune wife? I can’t find anything about her since his last run for… Read more »