Stellar Wind – The Program That Tracks You

Sat, 25 Aug 2012 17:52:36 +0000


It’s Paranoia Time!

This doesn’t come from the  rightwing Alex Jones conspiracy-minded website.   This video with additional text was posted on the New York Times blog two days ago.  It lays out the NSA program called Stellar Wind to track and map out your entire life through your phone, bank accounts, social media use and store it at a big government facility in Utah.  It’s scary as hell!   


NOTE: Rosa Koire of provided the following info via email:

The 1.5 million square foot information storage site is located at Camp Williams Army Base in Utah.  Orrin Hatch lobbied to have it relocated from Maryland to his state.  It was moved west because the existing center in Maryland was drawing all of Baltimore’s available energy and could not access more (as of 2006).  The Utah facility will draw 65 megawatts and is fully secured.  Camp Williams is an intelligence gathering center.   The plan is to collect every communication both domestic and incoming/outgoing from the country.  

Storage of information is not considered to be a breach of  our constitutional protections because no one has actually looked at it.  The idea is that the computers themselves will sort the information and develop patterns for ‘threats.’  When a ‘threat’ is identified the information will be analyzed.  Another concept is that although much sensitive information is sent via encrypted streams that are not currently readable, storage of this encrypted information will allow future investigators who have broken encryption methods to go back and read stored documents.  Total information.  Inventory and control.


H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt

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