Angel and Devil on 9/11

Today is the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

Do you remember that horrible devil face in the billowing smoke of the stricken Twin Towers on 9/11?

I’ve never seen that picture again in any accounts of that terrible day since.

I was beginning to think it was my imagination….

So I went looking for it on the net.

I found an account of the devil face on Urban Legends, the link of which is now defunct:

Images of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks have been captured in thousands of photographs. Some of the pictures are horrific, some poignant, and some gut-wrenching, but viewers have written in to newspapers and television stations, saying that that they see an even more haunting image in the smoke billowing from the World Trade Center.

Viewers said that in two specific instances, in a photo taken by an Associated Press photographer, and in a video by CNN, they can clearly identify the eyes, nose, mouth and horns of a devil in the black and gray smoke. They questioned whether the photographers manipulated the photo to include a satanic face.

Vin Alabiso, an AP vice president and executive photo editor, said that the AP photo was untouched…. “AP has a very strict written policy which prohibits the alteration of the content of a photo in any way,” Albiso said. “The smoke in this photo combined with light and shadow has created an image which readers have seen in different ways.”

I found that CNN had removed the image from their website. The video that was the source of that image had also been disabled by YouTube. See here.

Why is that?

Below is the AP photo of the devil face, which was taken by photographer Mark D. Phillips. On June 19, 2013, FOTM received an email stating that ©Mark D Phillips has the copyright on the above image and that the image cannot be reprinted without written consent from Mr. Phillips. FOTM is grateful for his permission.

Satan in the smoke of World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 just seconds after the second plane struck the south tower.
©2001, D. Phillips

But there was not just one Devil face in the WTC smoke, but many, like this one below:

What is less known is that there was another image in the Twin Towers’ billowing smoke that terrible day.

A viewer wrote in to that she saw an image of an angel, which gave her hope despite seeing the devil face, and left her with a feeling of peace.

The image of what appears to be a winged figure, captured by WABC, has also been untouched. Here’s the angel pic, from WDIV Local 4‘s archives:

There is a psychological phenomenon called pareidoliais — the human inclination to perceive a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist. An example is the “man in the moon” — seeing human features on the moon.

But given how little we humans actually know about the Universe — with its multiple dimensions, black holes, the mysterious dark matter that cosmologists say constitutes the bulk of our Universe, and the notion of multiple universes — who’s to say the devils and angel on 9/11 were mere pareidoliais?

After all, St. Paul did warn us in his letter to the Ephesians:

“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.“

See also:


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The devil face in the first photo reminds me of some of the faces Peter Strzok made when he testified.😈


“who’s to say the devils and angel on 9/11 were mere pareidoliais?” I am a believer.


Whether you or anyone else saw a visual of Satan in the remnants of the 911 catastrophe, rest assured….Satan WAS there.


“Vin Alabiso, an AP vice president and executive photo editor, said that the AP photo was untouched…. “AP has a very strict written policy which prohibits the alteration of the content of a photo in any way,” Albiso said” Wouldn’t be wonderful if the AP had the same policy about NOT altering what people said or did in video events, such as nearly every Trump rally, ever? I’m STILL hearing the same lies from news pundits that they heard first from the AP reports on Trump… “He calls women pigs!” “He says Mexicans are rapists!” “He sexually assaults women!” I… Read more »

leeann Springer
leeann Springer

Amazing and chilling article. Dr. Eowyn: I was excited to see your page back up and running.


On one of the videos about the satanic pedaphiia and the adrenal chrome and illuminati child murders /PIZZAGATE.they mentioned the perpatrators were using the key words “northern Walnuts” well red bluff an corning(tehama county) 96080 is northern ca and its where Tom Hanks is from and its. Where they grow all the walnuts!!! I could be wrong but i highly doubt it!! I hope you can help these poor Jesus holy name i pray


9/11 was satanic psych-ops/false flag to use as propaganda to launch the Yinon/Project For A New American Century plans to destroy the Christians & various secular muslim to remake the Middle East for their coming planned & engineered WWIII. Now what I see looks eerily similar to Sauron in the LOTR’s movies. We should discuss sometime what was taking place at Oxford when Tolkien, Lewis were attending there. They wrote their books to warn us.

Lord of The Ring (Battle Against The Dark Lord Sauron)