Obamabot pleads guilty to Arpaio death-threats

If a “right-winger” were to plead guilty to making death threats against some liberal politician, it would be all over the news. But let a pro-Obama “progressive” hater plead guilty to threatening to kill Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, all you get from the MSM is SILENCE.

Adam Eugene Cox

MyFoxPhoenix reports, March 14, 2012, that 33-year-old Adam Eugene Cox of Knoxville, Tennessee, described as a Barack Obama “fanatic,” appeared in a Tennessee courtroom on Wednesday and pled guilty to death threats against Arpaio and his family.

Cox was the “anonymous” person who left numerous online comments last October (2011), at the ObamaReleaseYourRecords site , threatening to kill various individuals who have pursued the Obama eligibility matter. One comment was directed at Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his family:

“I plan to kill Joe Arpaio first.. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out., I promise you this. He won’t fuck with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him. Don’t like it? Come stop me. Come die before me.”

Cox will not go to jail. He was sentenced to supervised probation.

Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) has had our share of death threats, the most recent one from a commenter who calls her/himself “Laura“.

Our most dogged death-threater is an individual who first came to our attention as “LetsKillBirthers” when he threatened to kill conservatives who question Obama’s eligibility. We have reported his name, aliases, and IP addresses to the police. Since he has used, by my count, at least 25 aliases on FOTM, I’ve dubbed him “Legion.”

Legion also made a death threat against Sheriff Arpaio, about which I promptly notified the sheriff.

Come to think of it, some of the IP addresses Legion had used are in Knoxville, Tennessee! Police arrested Adam Eugene Cox on January 27, 2012, in Phoenix, AZ. Coincidentally, FOTM‘s death-threater Legion’s last appearance on FOTM was January 1, 2012, as “Tom Franks”.



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