Black Punk Harasses 67-Year-Old White Vet

Mon, 03 Jan 2011 08:00:49 +0000


A scene from an AC Transit bus in the belly of the liberal beast called the San Francisco Bay Area:

A white senior citizen is having a private conversation with a companion. A young black punk begins harassing the senior citizen, accusing him of having made a racist remark in his private conversation.

To avoid a fight, the 67-year-old Vietnam vet moves to another seat. But the punk pursues and hits the old man.

What happens next is a warning to all punks — the Left who reflexively accuse Conservatives of “racism” and the one flying to D.C. today from his $1.5 million taxpayer-funded Hawaiian vacation:

You push us too far, We the People will and are fighting back!


The vet’s name is Thomas Bruso. And in case you have doubts, Bruso is no racist. His best friend is a homeless black man whom Bruso has taken in to sleep on the floor of his one-bedroom apartment.


H/t beloved fellow May.


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