How Saudi Women Drive

Thu, 30 Dec 2010 12:45:28 +0000


Women are forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a Muslim cleric explaining why.


You see, “allowing” women to drive would lead to their downfall. They’ll start wearing makeup (quelle horreur!). They’ll meet strange men (quelle horreur!). Worst of all, they’ll actually expose their faces (quelle horreur!) — for how can they drive without exposing their faces? — and so lead the helpless Muslim men to damnation. Such is the power of a woman’s visage or her hair or her arms or her legs or her feet or the mere suggestion her body has a shape beneath her clothing! And before you can say “Allahu Akba,” those upstart Saudi women have become just as corrupt as those lost women of the West.

But one enterprising Muslim gal has figured out a way to drive:


H/t beloved fellow May!


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