Obama Skipped Christmas Church Service, Again

Sun, 26 Dec 2010 12:44:35 +0000


Like the Christian he professes to be [sarcasm alert], as he did last Christmas (2009), Obama did not set foot in a church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Washington Post reports that “On Saturday” (which the Post curiously does not identify as Christmas Eve), Obama relaxed at his family’s beachfront rental house in Hawaii. He “skipped his usual morning trip to the gym. Instead, the avid hoops fan caught some basketball on TV.”

On Christmas Day, Obama spent the morning opening gifts. “He and first lady Michelle Obama emerged late in the afternoon to spend 70 minutes with U.S. troops having Christmas dinner at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, a few miles from the Obama vacation home.”

UPDATE: On Sunday, the day after Christmas, the Obamas did attend service in a multi-denominal chapel on the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. Obama even received Communion, although the last time he went to church was 3 months ago in September 2011, shortly after a poll was released indicating that a majority of Americans had doubts about the president’s religious beliefs. In the Marine Base chapel, he was the first to dip a Communion wafer into wine, before popping it into his mouth.

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