New Jersey Legislators Take On TSA Goons

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 12:32:38 +0000


Thank our Founding Fathers for designing the United States as a federation where political power is not entirely concentrated in Washington, DC, but instead dispersed among geographical units — the 50 state governments! [Note to constitutional law expert Obama: It’s 50, not 57 states.]

Congress isn’t doing anything about the porn-scanner/TSA-grope problem, but state governments are. In this video, New Jersey legislators are speaking out in opposition to “the new TSA airport security procedure.” New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty (R):

“We believe there are violations of the Constitution and of New Jersey laws. When you go to the airport, when you buy an airline ticket, you do not give up your Constitutional rights. American citizens should be able to travel freely, without being harassed and intimidated by their government. There are other procedures that can be used, and there are other countries in the world that provide clear role models of how to do this.

We see government action as continuing to intimidate our citizens and violate their rights. Enough is enough. We are introducing resolutions today both in the Senate and in the Assembly calling on our federal Congressional delegation to immediately get engaged in this issue, take a look at these new TSA security procedures, and stand up for our citizens not only in New Jersey but across the United States of America.” 

Even the ACLU has entered the fray. It recommends that those full-body porn scanners be used only sparingly to screen really suspicious airport passengers.

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