TSA chief John Pistole is Full of…

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:16:12 +0000


From the Associated Press this morning:

Facing protests from travelers and pressure from the White House, TSA head John Pistole said in a statement Sunday that, as in all nationwide security programs, “there is a continual process of refinement and adjustment to ensure that best practices are applied.”

Still, he pointed to the alleged attempt by a Nigerian with explosives in his underwear to try to bring down an Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight last Christmas. “We all wish we lived in a world where security procedures at airports weren’t necessary,” Pistole said, “but that just isn’t the case.”

The statement came just hours after Pistole, in a TV interview, said that while the full-body scans and pat-downs could be intrusive and uncomfortable, the high threat level required their use.

John Pistole, you’re so full of the brown stuff, I can smell the stench from my ‘puter.

If “security” against terrorists is really the TSA and the Obama administration’s concern, Muslims wouldn’t be exempted from those full-body porn scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs gropes.


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