White House Insider Calls Obama “An Arrogant Pr*ck”

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 14:31:46 +0000


Someone who claims to be a “White House insider” (DeepThroat2) has been talking to NewsFlavor blogger Ulsterman about the Obama administration behind the scenes.

In his latest interview with Ulsterman, DeepThroat2 comes right out and calls Obama “an arrogant pr*ck.” Oh, how the mighty has fallen! LOL

From Idol to Arrogant Pr*ck: Sic transit gloria mundi!

Below are excerpts from White House Insider: Don’t Back Down Now,” by Ulsterman, NewsFlavor, November 17, 2010:

DeepThroat2’s response to Ulsterman being attacked by Obamabots (Ulsterman: “It’s getting a bit overwhelming – and a little scary.  It’s wearing me out…”):

You should be [nervous]. Not sayin’ that to scare you – it’s just the way it is. I told you from the start, this could get big, and make you a target…. Look, you’re gonna be attacked, accused, vilified, whatever. Probably already happening, right? Like I said before, if this thing goes bad, if the truth doesn’t fall our way, I pull the plug. You have played your part and I’ve played mine, right? You’re just a no-name nobody who writes some silly made up -expletive-  that nobody pays much attention to, ok? You can go right on back to doing that to your heart’s content. Write some damn poetry about pink -expletive- pansies for all I care…. Christ kid, grow a pair!  You’re being effective, I got no complaints there, ok?  You’re doing as good of a job at getting out the word as I could have ever thought possible when we started this thing. So you gotta stick this out, you understand?  You’re gonna be fine – better than fine.  (voice lowers) …But you gotta trust me kid. I won’t steer you wrong. I’ve been at this for a looong time. I know what I’m doing. I may look like some dumb hick from the stick, but I’m no one to start a fool’s errand…. But you gotta hang tough kid – don’t back down now. Don’t lose your stomach. 

DT2 is talking to others besides Ulsterman:

…you’re not the only one I’m talking to about this stuff, I told you that before, right? This stuff has been spread out there far and wide, and that gives you even more protection. And now we are seeing the real talking heads run with it – the baton is being handed off. Just relax.

Why DT2 is talking:

Hey, it’s not just me. There’s a whole mess of us pissed over what this White House has done to the party. So many good Democrats have been destroyed. What is left in the party. Nancy -expletive- Pelosi? Charlie -expletive- Rangle? Barney -expletive- Frank? Harry -expletive- Reid? No-no-no-no…there’s gonna be some new blood come into our party. The Democrats will rise up from this mess and be stronger for it. 

BUT, if things move as I think they are moving, the truth is gonna hit the country full in the face, and we are gonna see some real results from all of this. And then we can sit back and watch as this administration is brought out into the light, and the Democratic Party can begin to recover from all of this madness. That’s my belief. That’s what is going to happen. 

…there will be some pain. Good! We deserve it.  It’s called atonement kid – I’m back in Catholic school now… I worked for the campaign. Played my part.  Loved every minute of it too. It was the biggest -expletive- mistake of my career, and I look at what has happened these past two years and it makes me sick. 

Well think back to what happened after Watergate. The Republicans were dead, right? Finished? Same damn thing they were all sayin’ after 2008, huh?  I was -expletive- sayin’ it as loud as anybody! But the party rebuilt itself, and by 1980 began an era of political dominance. Your hero. Your political saint… Ronald -expletive- Reagan. There would not have been a Reagan presidency without Watergate. That is a fact. The Democrats shifted way to the left with Carter, right? Thought they had a mandate from the people. Carter couldn’t find his own ass with a…said that one already! (laughs) Anyway, the Republicans became stronger after Watergate. They went on to take the White House for the next 12 -expletive- years. That sound like a political party that was dead to you? Same thing can happen to the Democrats. We will get past this mess that we are in, if good people stand up and call out this president for what he is.

DT2 to the doubters:

The one’s who don’t believe the information I’ve given you CHOOSE not to believe it. They refuse to. They don’t want to. They can’t admit the mistake that is Barack Obama. Hell, I wouldn’t want to either. If I hadn’t seen it, if I didn’t have people telling me every week how the man couldn’t find his own ass with a bell on it, I would calling you out as a liar as well. But that’s not where we are at now, right?

The real dirt on Obama is in Chicago:

The White House loses its protection in 2011 with the new Congress.  It’s already starting in DC just like I said, and then heading out to Chicago where things get real deep and murky, and the most dangerous for the White House.

What DT2 thinks of Obama now:

A goddamn fool.  A thin-skinned little -expletive-.  An arrogant prick – no disrespect to the office intended – who has almost destroyed my party.  Who has helped destroy the political careers of good people – friends.  Lots of good friends.

Assures Ulsterman that he is “making history” — taking down the Obama administration:

I am not sure you fully appreciate the size and scope of what you are involved with here. It’s far greater than some angry Obama supporters out there calling you names, or making threats. If this breaks the way I think it will break, you are playing a part in history. I’m talking real -expletive- history. If that sounds beyond your own little reality, that’s because it is, or at least it was. But that reality doesn’t exist for you anymore. You started this with me, and you gotta see it through. More information is coming. More events are coming down the line. Have I given you anything that has not been proven right on? I may not have gotten the exact timing right in all of this, but I got you most the details, right?


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