Favorite TV Shows of Conservatives vs. Liberals

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs rules!

Do you love “NCIS” but loathe “Mad Men”?

You may be a Conservative or Republican!

Ideas are important. What we believe, what we hold dear, and how we see the world constitute the very core and essence of who we are. So it’s not surprising that Americans’ political and ideological differences translate into television viewing differences as well.

James Hibberd of the Hollywood Reporter reports via Reuters, November 10, 2010, that based on months of data, the leading media-research company Experian found that these shows are more popular among Republicans/conservatives than among Democrats/liberals:

These shows are more popular among Democrats/liberals:

  • AMC’s “Mad Men[I knew there’s a reason why, despite all the critical accolades, I’ve instinctively avoided watching this show. LOL ~Eowyn]
  • FX’s “Damages
  • Showtime’s “Dexter
  • HBO’s “Entourage” 
  • AMC’s “Breaking Bad
  • NBC’s “30 Rock

But it’s not like Republicans have something against cable shows: The GOP has plenty of love for “White Collar,” “Pawn Stars” and “American Chopper.” John Fetto, senior marketing manager at Experian Simmons, explains: “Looking at the Democrats’ side, I don’t mean to make light of it, but they seem to like shows about damaged people. Those are the kind of shows Republicans just stay away from.”

Here are the most popular Republican vs. Democrat TV shows:

Most interesting is that finding that viewers who vote Republican and identify themselves as conservative are more likely than Democrats to love the biggest hits on TV — yet more evidence that a majority of Americans are Conservative! Of the top 10 broadcast shows on TV in the spring, 9 were ranked more favorably by viewers who identify themselves as Republican.

Reporter James Hibberd has this observation:

“But if you look at the list of broadcast shows that are Republican favorites, it closely mirrors the Nielsen top 10 list, whereas Democrats tend to gravitate toward titles likely to have narrower audiences. To Hollywood, the data suggest a potentially disquieting idea: The TV industry is populated by liberals, but big-league success may require pleasing conservatives.”

Too funny!


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