Pelosi and Dems Unsheath Long Knives For Obama

Thu, 04 Nov 2010 14:36:45 +0000


Everybody loves a winner; no one loves a loser. This is true in life and especially in politics. Democrats, “fickle” is thy name. Besides, who says there’s honor among thieves?

First, Ulsterman of NewsFlavor reports on the eve of the 11-2 electoral tsunami that he received this e-mail from his informant, the anonymous “White House insider” who is believed to be Rahm Emanuel by our very clever fellow Katherine Magdangal:

War within party totally engaged now. Updated election internals showing trends breaking against Democrats as predicted. Now appears we will lose up to 60 seats in House and possibly split Senate. Mood within party very grim – and very angry toward president. I have never seen party members so actively motivated to openly challenge  a sitting president in their own party. Trip to India has Dems shaking heads in disbelief. Phrase “running away” being repeated often. WH appears oblivious to situation.

Once again, CLOSELY watch for Pelosi news. Speaker preparing for departure from Congress, but going to burn bridges as she does so – namely all those leading to the White House.  Speculation she will assist in clearing way for Congressional investigations against Obama White House in coming year. In effect, Pelosi willing to help take Obama downQuote from within her office that came back to me as follows, “How that -expletive- idiot ever got elected is beyond me. Well let’s see how he does without me around to carry his -expletive-  water.” Pelosi very unhappy receiving directive from WH to not attempt any significant legislation during lame duck session.  “Leave a mess for the Republicans.” Pelosi furious over directive as it will further diminish her legacy. I don’t think the lady likes being told what to do…

Also confirmed by two other sources Clinton people have been communicating regularly with Pelosi.  Something very big is up w/that. I believe that something involves  primary challenge against Obama. I have indicated that  possibility to you before – this appears to once again confirm. Divide now between “Obama Democrats” and “Clinton Democrats”…. Basic question is now this: Do we try and save Obama or save the party? I of course suggest the latter and working to do just that.

One other tidbit but not confirmed. VP Biden has reached out to Clintons as well. Uncertain as to what or why if true. Developing.

No, I will not be attending Wed. meeting.  Bastards did not invite me. -Expletive- you Pat. Hah! 

“White House insider” is confirmed by an exclusive Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), “Obama faces the music from top Democrats“:

WMR’s sources who are close to the White House report that President Obama was scheduled to have a meeting with top Democratic Party officials in the morning after the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and saw its majority in the Senate whittled down to a bare majority. The loss of half of Congress, at least 60 seats in the House, and Democratic governorships in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan has Democratic leaders reading Obama the riot act this morning, according to our sources.

The race for 2012 has officially commenced and with it, several Democrats are actively planning to challenge Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. One person who is adamantly opposed to a second term for Obama is outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who witnessed a number of senior Democratic members of the House and close colleagues, including James Oberstar (Minnesota), John Spratt (South Carolina), Ike Skelton (Missouri). and Paul Kanjorski (Pennsylvania) go down in defeat. For a while it even looked as though the longest-serving member, John Dingell of Michigan, was in trouble, however, he managed to eke out a victory. For Pelosi, it was former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s insistence on compromise with the GOP that spelled doom for the Democrats. Pelosi is irate and she intends to focus her attacks privately, and increasingly, publicly, on what she considers to be an ineffectual Obama presidency.

There are also reports that Pelosi will resign her House seat rather than be placed in the embarassing position of being a back bencher in the minority.

Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton is reportedly telling top Democratic funders, “I told you so,” regarding Obama’s lack of political acumen and experience for not only the presidency but also the titular head of the Democratic Party. Clinton is paving the way, albeit discretely, for a 2012 challenge to Obama from his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is busy racking up frequent flyer miles in Asia, beefing up her foreign policy and national security credentials. It is no coincidence that Obama is leaving for a 10-day visit to Asia, visiting some of the same nations where Hillary Clinton precedes him by a few days….

If I were you, Obama, I’d watch my back. No wonder you’re bringing your own chefs with you on your 9-day 4-country $200-million-a-day Asia trip boondoggle! LOL


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