How's your aerial geography I.Q.?

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Can you figure out what this is?

The picture above is one of 16 questions on an Aerial Geography Quiz.
The quiz is comprised of 16 photos of various landmarks, taken from an airplane, and you have to guess where and what it is. You’ll be quite unusual if you get a perfect score.
For each photo, there are four possible answers. The first answer is always checked. That may or may not be the correct answer. You can change the answer by checking the correct answer.
I found this test to be very tough. I got a score of 11/16.
To take the test, go to: GuessTheSpot.Com – How Well Do You Know Landmarks
H/t beloved fellow GrouchyFogie.

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0 responses to “How's your aerial geography I.Q.?

  1. winstonsmith6079

    This was FUUUNNN!!!

  2. I’m a global know it all-80% or 12 out of 16. 🙂

  3. Not too bad…12/16. I’ll be retreating to my closet to flog myself for four hours – one hour for each wrong answer.

  4. 11/16. I guessed a lot.

  5. If they’d done this from the water ,
    I would have done better than 80%.
    I can’t believe I couldn’t recognize Ep-cott or Times Square
    but they didn’t get Lake Shore Dr in so I missed Wriggleys Field

  6. 11/16 dan That was the old Wrigley field!

  7. Hey, that’s not my Steverino! G’wan back now that ya got the answers and KLOBBER ’em. That’s what Our Great Leader & Pres would do….

  8. I got 12, but I’m not a fan of mass spectator sports, so the only ball park I knew was Wrigley Field. It’s also the only one I’ve ever been in, to watch the old Chicago Cubs, fifty-plus years ago! And it was hard for me to not see… umm, the old Colosseum.

  9. Truthfully , I avoid going through Chicago anymore…I take the
    Manitowoc Ferry or come across the Mackinac Bridge…I don’t
    mind the traffic, but the construction …of course,being stopped
    is when I saw the Ball Park from the’ Expressway’ 🙂 It must have
    been new because they were playing and it was just a few years
    ago. Most of the fun stuff is near the waterfront.

  10. 16/16

  11. 11/16, started out great then went downhill quickly!

  12. First time I got 15 of 16, I said Times Square was downtown LA. I think I need to go into aerial mapping or something similar.


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