How's that gun control working in Chicago?

The State of Illinois ranks a “29” out of 100 on a scale of firearm freedom, with “0” being total prohibition and “100” being total freedom. Standard firearm ownership is restricted, and a firearm identification card (FOID) is required before you purchase or posses any rifle (Source: My copy of Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States, 2011.)
Chicago requires registration of all firearms. Carrying a concealed weapon is prohibited entirely. A FOID is required to transport a handgun. It is unlawful to carry or possess any firearm in any vehicle or concealed on or about the person, except on one’s land or fixed place of business. (Source:
So with all these restrictions in place, how’s gun control working in Chicago? Just as you would imagine…


11 shot, 3 fatally, in city overnight

Chicago Tribune: A teenage boy and two men were killed in three separate shootings Friday night and Saturday morning in Chicago, according to authorities. At least eight others were also shot overnight on the South, West and Northwest Sides.
The first fatal shooting happened at 7:24 p.m. on the 7800 block of South Langley Avenue, said Chicago police news affairs officer Daniel O’Brien. The victim, identified as Clifton Barney, 17, was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.
The victim was on the street when a man or boy came up to him and shot him once in the chest, said Police News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada. The shooter jumped into a tan, four-door car that drove west following the attack. No one was in custody as Area South detectives investigate, O’Brien said.
About 8:05 p.m., another fatal shooting happened, this time in the South Austin neighborhood, in the 200 block of North Mayfield Avenue, said O’Brien.
A 40-year-old man was shot in the head and was taken in critical condition to Loyola University Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later, O’Brien said. The victim was identified as Ramar Bonner, 40, of the 700 block of North Lotus Avenue, and he was declared dead at 8:38 p.m. at Loyola, according to the medical examiner’s office.
Someone ran up to the man and shot several times, hitting him in the back of the head before fleeing on foot, police said.
The third homicide of the night happened about 3:50 a.m. in the 4800 block of West Iowa Street, police said. Police found a man dead there with a gunshot wound. Someone had had a short argument with him before shooting him, police said.
This morning, a 27-year-old man lay a front lawn, shot in the head, part of the exit wound visible on the lower part of his face. He was surrounded by shell casings.  It’s not clear why he was shot, but his shooter appeared to have done so from close range, as a number of shells from a 9mm gun lay next to his body.
Earlier, a 16-year-old boy was shot in the leg and had his condition stabilized at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said. Someone shot him in the 5400 block of West Wrightwood Avenue about 9 p.m., Greer said. The boy was walking with a few other people in the Cragin neighborhood when someone approached on foot and shot him.
In addition to those shootings, two 18-year-old men were shot in the Englewood neighborhood, police said. The shootings happened on the 5800 block of South Laflin Street at 10:20 p.m., according to Police news affairs officer Hector Alfaro. One of the men sustained a gunshot wound to his left calf and the other was shot in the hip, Alfaro said. Both were taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, where their conditions had stabilized.
The two men shot were described by police as mutual combatants who had family members who fought each other earlier in the day, eventually leaving to the double shooting. One of the men chased the other into his home at gunpoint and shot him once, police said. The second man returned fire, hitting the first. The second man is not cooperating with investigators, police said.
It’s not clear what their relatives were fighting over earlier in the day, though police said one man’s relative was believed to be a drug dealer, another man’s relative was believed to be a drug user. It’s not clear if either of the two will face charges.
About 10:50 p.m., a 34-year-old man was shot on the 12000 block of South Perry Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side, police said. The man was standing outside when a light-colored SUV drove up and shot the man in the back and abdomen, police said. The man was taken in critical condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, police said.
In the Lawndale neighborhood, three people were shot on the 1200 block of South Kolin Avenue, police said. The shooting happened at 11:25 p.m., police said. Police found three guns near a garbage can in an alley near the crime scene: two described by police as Tec-9 or similar-style handguns and one AK-47-style gun with wood components.
Residents nearby described the gunfire as rapid and loud. At least two people approached the crowd and fired shots, tried to flee in a van but couldn’t, left the van in an alley and ran south on Kostner, police said.
A 38-year-old man, 38-year-old woman and 27-year-old woman were shot outside. A van, still running, sat in the alley west of Kolin Avenue and south of Roosevelt Road. The youngest woman is in “grave” condition while the other two are in slightly better condition.
About 3:35 a.m., a 20-year-old man showed up at Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. Greer said he was a passenger in a car near Division Street and Pulaski Road when another car pulled up and its occupants threw gang signs and shouted gang slogans before someone fired at the 20-year-old. He’s in stable condition at the hospital.
Bet Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel must be proud.

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Just read a article in the American Rifleman, Sept, 1966,, This gun control issue is in the same place as it was then,,the NRA wanting the criminals to be controlled, and the legal use and ownership nessessary to defend ourselfs.
I have more older ones and hope to find more articles going back to the root of this attempt to take them away, LIke Hitler did.
And now that we see the IRS, ATF, FBI and Dept of Agriculture, did you get your Farmland Census?, and Obama Care, intruding into our lives do you see any connection??

Mark Tipton

All of these are because the surrounding areas have lax gun laws. Didn’t you get the memo? Why if such strict gun regulations were enforced around the nation as a whole, the criminal element involved in these shootings would have a much easier time of things and a lot safer working environment. Any efforts to discuss the inner city issues and the direct relation to social ills is quickly dismissed as racist and all of the efforts at “curbing gun violence” are in reality nothing more than attacks on law-abiding citizens that do not adversely impact the criminal element in… Read more »


New city song for Chicago ” WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE “………….

Harriet Nelson

Where did they get the 9mm? just wondering, as I can’t find any.


It is Time To Stand and Be Counted! Adam Kokesh, look him up. It not just the second amendment, it’s about all of Them!!

Dr. Eowyn
Kokesh says he has PTSD. Not a good idea to have this armed march on D.C.!


I still say enough is enough. How much more are you willing to take?