How Would You Like to Do This Job?

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Not for those with vertigo!
H/t PatriotAngel.

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0 responses to “How Would You Like to Do This Job?

  1. Yo, Steve! It’s OK if you don’t look down, you know. LOL
    I was hired to be the afternoon shift foreman carpenter on a HS remodeling project in Nelson, BC, because the previous lead carpenter refused to use the modest three storey scaffold outside the building. This was in Spring, good weather, no high winds, and safety ribands all around the two upper levels. I never understood how this poor guy expected to make a living as a carpenter if he couldn’t deal w/a 12 foot height. There are taller ladders than that, fer gosh sakes!

  2. No way.

  3. oh my, I couldn’t even finish the vid, it freaked me out sooo bad!!
    I climbed a tower once at 150 feet and I was shaking the whole time…

  4. I don’t like two things real bad in life,one is heights,the other is snakes. Anything else,I can handle.

  5. Thomas Morato

    Not for a million dollars… and not in a million years.


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