How well do you really know the U.S.? Take this quiz!

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The quiz is made up of 30 questions on United States history, government, and the Constitution.

20 of the 30 questions were once used on the actual U.S. citizenship test. To the 20 are added 10 questions — the last 10 in the quiz — which we are warned “may be a bit harder.”

A score of around 24 out of 30 is considered a passing grade.

To take the quiz, CLICK HERE!

How did you do?

I passed the quiz, with a score of 27/30 (I got the last three questions wrong).



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0 responses to “How well do you really know the U.S.? Take this quiz!

  1. Ha, I’d love to see Skippy’s score on this (we know he’d get the number of states wrong). I got 25.

  2. Libertarian Advocate


  3. 26

  4. Only 20 for me! Ugh!!

  5. Yikes…I got 24. Never watch a movie while you’re taking a test.

  6. Boohoo! I only got a 21 . I kept second guessing myself. I need to take a refresher course on the amendments. ):

  7. 27- Rats I got distracted watching “You Don’t Know Dixie” on H2. I would have missed only one (# 22) if had been paying attention. (From NC)

  8. got a 24

  9. Homeschool Mama

    Um. . . let me make all of you feel better and admit I only got a 19. I think I missed ALL of the amendment questions (except for the first one)- along with some other easy ones I should have gotten correctly :o( And, I assumed that English was the official language of the US! At least as a homeschooling parent, I will have the opportunity to learn everything I didn’t get the first time around in public school!

  10. 27!!! Need to brush up on my amendments!

  11. Well, I somehow got 30 out of 30; the note at the top says, Maybe you should run for President!

    I could not believe it as I guessed at a couple of them.

    • Homeschool Mama

      You don’t have to have a 30 to run for Prez. As I recall, even Mr. Obama didn’t know how many states were in the US.

  12. Looking at the stats, the oldest people scored the highest, I am among those as I am 74. I also noted 43 people actually scored zero! Maybe bots are taking the test trying to advertise something. 😉

  13. i got a 26 lots of guessing though you mean there aren’t 57 states i mean i do remember our fearless leader obama saying that he had visited 57 states and amazingly this moronic remark was never glossed over by the obama media unlike any thing romney or ryan may or may not have said being exagerrated and parodied by the news and media…

  14. 26 for me…

    • kheta! Haven’t seen you on FOTM for some time. How have you been? Hope all is well with you. 🙂

      • Hi Dr E,
        I’ve had to spend more time taking care of my Mom since she quit walking. She is now totally bed-ridden. I sneak time at the computer when I get a chance. I’ve also “discovered” facebook, I wasn’t that keen on it until I found “Lizzies tips for everday living” (yep she misspelled everyday) and “Fresh eggs daily”. I seem to go off on tangents when ever I see a post from either site. Check out their facebook pages, especially Fresh eggs daily, they have a lot of survivalist stuff. Oh, and my goat, Beckett, takes a lot of time. He turned 4 weeks old yesterday, I adore him, he is so sweet, but he’s starting to get into every thing, like a two year old… How have you and your family been?

        • Dear Kheta:

          I’m so glad to see you back on FOTM! Just the other day I was saying to myself: Haven’t seen kheta for quite some time, I sure hope she’s OK.

          Bless you for taking care of your bed-ridden mom. You’re a good daughter and a good woman. Let me know any time you need FOTM’s prayers and support.

          Love, ♥


          • Thanks for your kind words, I think every one can used added prayers in their life, but our prayers should be directed towards the USA right now. I have high hopes that the Reagan Democrats will become Romney Democrats this year…
            Blessings to you Dear Lady and thanks for what you do, you touch more lives than you can ever count… 😉


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