What's your aging IQ? Take this quiz!

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Web MD has a short quiz testing what you know about aging — why we wrinkle; do we grow shorter; do we need less sleep as we age….
To take the quiz, click here — then report back to us how you did!
P.S. I got an astonishing 12/12 score, which means I know way too much about aging. LOL
P.P.S. Many FOTM readers are boomers, like I am. Remember the Beatles song, “When I’m sixty-four”? How many of you now think — as we did when we first heard the song — 64 is really really old? LOL

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10 responses to “What's your aging IQ? Take this quiz!

  1. Guess I am VERY young–only got seven correct!!! LOL

  2. 10/12 missed numbers 1 and 12

  3. 8/12 67% one i knew was wrong but chose anyway! ugh!

  4. 83% says I’m aging gracefully I think it’s the only graceful thing I do

  5. I got a 92%, I thought the nose keeps growing…

    • “I got a 92%, I thought the nose keeps growing…”
      My own self too exactly! I *know* that I’ve read that, and more than once…. I even checked to see if the answers would permit two choices so that I could tick both nose and ears, but when only one answer was permitted, I went with “nose” because while I know that the ears grow a little too, I’ve seen fewer references to that.
      I got a good chuckle from a line in one of the explanations:
      “Losing your keys is normal. Forgetting what they’re for is not.”
      What a clever and amusing way to explain and simultaneously keep things in perspective!

  6. 9/12……BOO!

  7. I got 83%. I missed the one about the nose and won’t mention the other one I got wrong, ha ha…Leeann I’m growing older gracefully. Leeann

  8. See, I already repeated myself twice in the above post, ha… Leeann

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