How we know package bombs sent to Democrats are false flags

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Between last Monday and yesterday, “suspicious” packages said to contain “explosive devices” were sent to nine prominents Democrats/Progressives.

The information below is from the Washington Examiner, unless otherwise noted.

Here’s a list of the addressees/recipients of the packages:

  1. George Soros was the first to receive a package containing a pipe bomb, put in a mailbox of his home in Bedford, NY. See “Pipe bomb found in mailbox of George Soros’ Bedford, NY home“.
  2. Hillary Clinton, addressed to her home in Chappaqua, NY.
  3. Barack Obama, addressed to his home in Washington, DC. Both  packages were intercepted by the Secret Service (New York Times).
  4. Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder.
  5. Obama’s CIA director John Brennan, sent to CNN.
  6. Obama’s VP Joe Biden, at a mail facility in New Castle, Delaware.
  7. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).
  8. New York governor Andrew Cuomo claims that his office was sent “a device”. But NYPD says the package was not a bomb, and CNN reports that the package actually contained “literature” (Gateway Pundit).
  9. Actor Robert DeNiro, at his Tribeca Grill restaurant in New York city (NY Post).

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker was among those who immediately blamed President Trump’s “inflammatory rhetoric” and his supporters. Twitter has already dubbed the sender(s) “the MAGA bomber”. How Zucker and others know who had sent the packages before the FBI had even completed their investigation, is a mystery. Twitter already has

All the packages and the “bombs” within are similar:

  • The FBI described the packages as manila envelopes with bubble wrap interior “affixed with computer-printed address labels and six Forever stamps. All packages had a return address of ‘DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ’ [sic] in Florida,” referring to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla).
  • A law enforcement official told the Associated Press the bombs are 6-inch-long makeshift pipe bombs, made of PVC pipe, covered with tape, packed with powder and shards of glass, and had a small battery.

CNN tweeted an image of the bomb package addressed to Brennan, but delivered to CNN’s office in midtown Manhattan, New York Wednesday morning, causing the building to be evacuated.

I cropped the image and turned it right side up:

Below are better-resolution images of the package and the pipe bomb. Note that the stamps are not cancelled, nor does the manila envelope bear the USPS postmark or barcode.

Below are five reasons why the package bombs are false flags:

  1. Cui bono?: With the midterm elections days away, and with signs of the much-trumpeted “blue wave” rapidly receding, only Democrats — not Republicans or President Trump — could benefit from these package bombs. Why would any Trump supporter be so stupid as to send them? That the Left most likely sent the package bombs would explain why the bombs didn’t explode because:
  2. Tom Sauer, President of MacArthur Group, Navy veteran and former bomb disposal officer, tweets: “Proper pipe bombs don’t have wires connected to both ends. That’s dumb.”
  3. Gateway Pundit reports: “Several bombs sent out today have zero detonations”.
  4. The package addressed to Eric Holder was “misaddressed” and was sent back to “Debbie Wasserman Shultz,” at the return address listed. Miraculously, it turned up on the very same day that the other correctly addressed packages arrived at their destinations. Anyone familiar with the US Postal Service knows this is an impossibility, since it takes many days or even weeks for a package to go through the system and be “returned to sender.”
  5. As pointed out by blogger Boris Badenov of 12160 Social Network, the package that was delivered to CNN’s Manhattan offices does not have the U.S. Postal Service’s postmark, stamp cancellation lines, and barcode.

The USPS’s website describes seven steps — which include the affixing of postmark, stamp cancellation lines, and a barcode — before a letter or package is delivered to the addressee. Below are a screenshot and text of “How A Letter Travels“:

  1. Collection: After a customer has deposited a letter destined for a distant address in a collection box, a postal carrier removes all of the mail from the box and takes it to the Post Office where he or she works. That letter and mail collected by other carriers of that Post Office are placed on a truck and taken to a mail processing plant.
  2. Culling and Postmarking: Postal workers send the letter through a machine that rapidly separates mail by shape, separating letters from large envelopes and packages (the culling operation). The machine orients letters so that all addresses face the same way and are right side up. It then applies a postmark with the date and place where the letter was sorted and cancellation lines so the stamp cannot be reused, in order to protect postal revenue.
  3. Scanning and Lifting Images: Every letter gets identified by a code consisting of a series of florescent bars imprinted on the back. The address on the front of each letter is scanned by an optical character reader. Images of letters that could not be successfully read are transmitted to a remote encoding center for further processing. All letters are placed in trays and moved to the next piece of automated equipment for barcode application.
  4. Applying a Barcode and Sorting: Linked with the identification code, a barcode is sprayed on the front of the letter. Representing the specific delivery address, the barcode consists of tall and short bars used for all further sorting. The barcode sends a letter into a bin on the machine for a particular range of ZIP Codes; these identify the next processing plant.
  5. Transportation to Processing Plant: The letter is placed in a tray with other mail for the ZIP Code range it falls into, and this tray is taken to the airport to fly across the country. After the plane lands at its destination, postal workers take the tray containing the letter to the mail processing plant that serves the Post Office, station, or branch that will deliver the letter. 
  6. Sorting into Delivery Order: At the plant, the letters in the tray are fed through a barcode sorter, which separates letters for a specific ZIP Code from other letters in that ZIP Code range. After this, the letter will receive its final sortation. A delivery barcode sorter sorts the letter to the particular carrier who will deliver it. The delivery barcode sorter also arranges that carrier’s letters into the order of delivery. 
  7. Transportation to Delivery Post Office: Next, all the mail for this carrier is taken by truck to the Post Office, station, or branch in which the carrier works. The carrier loads trays of mail, including the letter, into a motor vehicle.
  8. Delivery to Addressee: The carrier drives to the street where the letter is to be delivered, safely parks, then loads his or her satchel with the mail to be carried to each house or business. Within minutes of leaving the truck, the carrier delivers the letter to the addressee.

Since the package delivered to CNN does not the USPS’s postmark, stamp cancellation lines, and barcode, and since the FBI said all the packages are similar, that means the packages had not been delivered by the USPS. Were they delivered by a courier service? If so, why are there U.S. postal stamps on the packages? That makes no sense.

Furthermore, surely CNN must have a surveillance camera in its mailroom, and billionaire George Soros must also have outdoor surveillance video-cams in his estate.

The Daily Wire‘s Matt Walsh concludes:

We are left with two possibilities, it seems. Either this was the work of a monumental idiot or it was the work of a more clever sort of person. The clever person would obviously know that these bombs would cause no harm to anyone and certainly wouldn’t kill the people whose names were on the envelopes. They’d also know that an attempted attack of this sort, at this point, could only help the Democrats…. The “false flag” possibility in this case is neither insane nor implausible. Especially when you consider the liberal propensity for staging fake hate crimes.

See also:

For the many fake hate-crimes perpetrated by the Left, see:

H/t Vivian Lee, Big Lug and other FOTM readers.


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46 responses to “How we know package bombs sent to Democrats are false flags

  1. Great article, Dr. Eowyn! And filled with strong research. “False Flag” seems to be exactly what we are looking at.

  2. This event was so hokey from the get-go, it’s truly pathetic, beyond speaking. If this is the best that Democrats can do, no one need fear them in any way, except that they may laugh themselves to death over such incredible stupidity. Clearly, they ran out of worthwhile ideas or attitudes long ago, and now run on pure hatred. And that Broom-Hilda should seriously put herself Out There again… Well, no one’s ever faulted her unlimited stupidity.

    I, for one, would be vastly amused to see her die of a coronary in the midst of her campaign, such as it is. But wait, my mistake, I forgot: she’s heartless.

  3. Spot on.
    Hit all of the Facts
    No Conjecture
    Examined Motive
    Logic not feelings.

  4. Dr Eowyn . . . . You are the very best! This article soothes my heart, I had thought all along that this was a false flag–yet was afraid to speak that fact out loud. You really nailed it. Thank you so very much.

  5. There is no question in my mind. Total fraud. They should be prosecuted for this. Talk about “madness on the cusp of desperation”. “Vote for us or we’ll blow ourselves up and blame it on YOU!”.

    Insanity doesn’t do it justice. They are working on their “impeachment” arguments. Something has to be done about this giant propaganda machine.

  6. Another dumb Demonrat plan that is going to BLOW UP (sorry, couldn’t resist) in their faces like all of their other ludicrous plans.

  7. I really can’t bring myself to watch much of their “coverage”. One thing is clear though, this is completely scripted. They all read their lines as provided. They are amassing potential arguments to use if they are able to get an impeachment proceeding going.

    All day they have been talking about how much Trump preaches “hate”. How much “his followers” are filled with “hate”, etc.. I’m starting to think those stories of “the camps” may not be too far off it they get more power. They lock us up or kill us in an instant.

    I think this was the real story of the “Zombie Apocalypse”. These drones don’t have an original thought in their pointy little heads.

  8. Very good article. I do have one question: I heard that the parcels were sent by a courier, not the USPS. But why would anyone put USP stamps on something they were sending by courier? Even the courier would have to question that. Wouldn’t there be some kind of mark on this package even from a private courier service showing that the package had been processed? In addition, how is it that ANYONE opens a package suspected of being a bomb and takes photos of it like the one at CNN? That was the story with the Soros bomb, and the Brennen bomb. Do the Soros hired help open his mail all the time? And do underlings open Brennen? I don’t even open my husbands mail.
    Who is it that would be able to find out where Soros lives? There would have to be security cameras everywhere. My guess is that this is another deep state operation in which they have put one of their mind controlled patsies to work to do this, or found some other poor mentally ill slob who they manipulated into doing this
    There is so much wrong with this story it stinks to high heaven.

    • What if: (1) they never did anything with them but photo one? (2) There are no post marks because they were never mailed. (3) there was no courier because they didn’t do anything with them.

      All they had to do was “announce” that they had “intercepted” these and the rest is SHES. It’s easy to stage an “event” in a post office or building. They just swoop in and send everyone out. Then they hand out the script and the “news liars” do the rest.

      They may not even have made more than one unless they want to put them together for show and tell. Remember, they control the narrative, they control the imagery.

      I don’t remember seeing them making a big deal out of the shooting at the softball game. I don’t see them reporting the myriad incidents of violence from the leftist pansies. But they are in “high dudgeon” over this, I’ll tell ya’.

      Yep, “caravans” (read paid invaders), fake bombs, what’s next? I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take out Hillary and blame it on Trump. It’s the only way they can win an election.

      • That was brilliant Lophatt. I got stuck thinking in another vein. Though I hadn’t thought about that scenario for this particular incident, I have asked myself before how do we know half of what they claim happens is true? They have the cameras and the mouthpiece of the media, those in deep state have the authority. All they have to do is agree on the story, present it with props and script in place and voila, instant creation of a narrative. The more I think about it I think you are correct. Now all they have to do is round up the poor soul who they have already designated as the patsy and it is a fait accomplis.

        • Well, I don’t KNOW that’s true, but I suspect that it is. You got my point perfectly. They control the movie. We are meant to be observers. We should never believe anything they say without question.

          If they wanted to be convincing they could have faked cancellation marks and done an overall better job. I know they’re not stupid so I don’t know why they are so sloppy.

          Anyone can go to a hardware store, buy a few garden variety “metal” pipe fittings and voila, “bomb”. NOBODY uses PCV pipe. How weird is that?

          • What makes me crazy is the timer for an ignition means. How could the sender possibly know what time to set it for to kill its target? A real bomb would use a lanyard igniter, pressure switch, phone, gps or anything but a timer.

      • Take out Hillary?!
        That would be just too, too grand, in my book. But I thank you for putting it out there, it’s greatly appreciated!

    • A courier wouldn’t really care if it had stamps on or not; they’d probably think the sender just made a mistake (a $3 mistake per envelope here). They have regulations to follow, especially in the event something was going to be shipped via air to its final destination. A private courier company wouldn’t mark it at all, unless it were a shipping label (FedEx, UPS, Amazon, DHL).

      I’d say the misspellings are amateurish, but I’ve handled many a package from billion-dollar companies that generate thousands of packages daily, where apparently some of their employees can’t even get the city that they work in, spelled correctly.

      And personally, I’d wish somebody would’ve taken Soros out long ago – how he’s still permitted to breathe air is beyond me. There are plenty of “professionals” that could eliminate him, and do a much better job without leaving a trace.

      • I didn’t say they “couldn’t” use a courier. I’m suggesting that they DIDN’T. To me this is about as obvious as it gets. Whether they mailed it, sent it be courier or carrier pigeon, it’s all the same.

        They’ll either come up with some brainwashed idiot to put this on or it will go unsolved. The only advantage in them “finding” a suspect is to link him to Trump.

        I can imagine David Brock writing this and bouncing it off Eric Holder and Obongo for a chuckle.

        • I suspect it was meant not only as a distraction, but to garner sympathy from the people who may have changed their minds about voting for them, as many democrats seem to be doing. With regard to the republicans, I believe we weren’t even supposed to be in this scenario, until one unhinged democrat couldn’t control himself enough to not blame Trump – lol.

  9. the ghost of conservative intellect

    Republicans spent the last two decades shrieking about how liberals deserve to die, bombing abortion clinics, and shooting up liberal events, and now you think anyone will believe you when you try to shift blame from one of your nazi boys taking your rhetoric to its logical conclusion?

    I would say that I’ve lost respect for conservatives, but the truth is, you evil bastards never deserved any respect whatsoever.

    • You must have missed all the death threats, assaults and shootings perpetrated by the Left. Or have you forgotten the shooting of Republican Congressmen at the baseball practice, where Rep. Steve Scalise was seriously wounded?

      Your email address is administrator of the Free Republic site. I will warn my readers and the editor of Whatfinger (who had recommended Free Republic to me) to stay away from Free Republic.

      • Wow! “Nazi boys”, “evil bastards”, “bombing abortion clinics”, could this be a Marxist? Gee, I thought “Free Republic” was more “balanced” than that. I can see I’ve been wrong.

        I haven’t seen a Nazi since I was little. We used to have one who lived across the street with I was a little boy. Oh, and I had a friend in Germany when I was living there who’s parents were Nazis during the war. Other than those, I can’t think of any.

        Did I mention that the “media” (cough!) has been belching “nazi, nazi” all day? It’s a refreshing change from “Russia, Russia”, but its just as inaccurate and boring. Apparently the staff at “Free Republic” are ardent TV watchers.

        Anyway, I hope he finds a use for all of his spare time criticizing us when he could be out making the world safe for infanticide. What a putz.

      • Dr. Eowyn, you are truly impressive. And you TNS, which is admirable. I would never want to be on your bad side – lol (even though you’re fair and honest – or because you’re honest…)

    • I really don’t care if you believe us or if we have your respect.

      Try and have a nice day…maybe go to other con web sites and drop some more name calling. That should make you feel lots better…

    • “shooting up liberal events”?
      Name them.

      I never said or heard any other conservative ” shrieking how liberals deserve to die”, only that they are mentally ill.
      Name them.

      There were only a couple abortions clinics attacked by mentally unstable persons and it was never endorsed or condoned by conservatives anywhere. It was not am escalating trend that was endorsed by political leaders as we see now from the left.

      And Nazi boy? That doesn’t even dignify a response except to say it sounds like the rantings of someone who sucks up every thing they hear from the pathetic mainstream media because they don’t have a brain in their own head. Nazis in every closer and under every bed anyone? Sounds like the rants of a brainwashed paranoid.

    • Ashke-“Nazi boys” straight out of Saul Alinsky DemocRat/Bolshevik playbook. That BS no longer works. Now go play hide and “”yourself.

  10. Do not underestimate the power of reverse psychology vigilantism, it should be done at the level or above the level that totalitarian atheists have and always will continue to use it. It is all about manipulating the masses in the evil of western multicultural democracy in the end, if you don’t use tools of manipulation that the atheists use you will become the slaves of the atheists in the end, since you are too much of a pussy anymore to go to war against the atheists. Choose the lesser of two evils then, and start your reverse psychology vigilante war instead to make the masses change their beliefs about the atheists who manipulate them by viewing them as evil instead.

    • Pardon me, but what the Hell did you just say? It’s pretty profound bafflegab, because you sure as Hell snowed me. If you’ve got the time and can make the effort, perhaps you can read write this in plainer English so that others here can understand what you mean.

      Okay, many thanks,

  11. Interesting that they used Debbie Washerman Shultz on the return address, she who helped steal the primaries from commie Bernie Sanders. I do believe this is a total false flag, but how about a dumb crazy Bernie supporter going after Clinton supporters who stole the primaries from commie Sanders?

    “The Democrat party is the party of people with psychological disorders” Rush Limbaugh

    • Things that make ya’ go……huh? WE know who she is, but most people don’t. It’s amazing she isn’t in jail, but even more so for her hero, Hillary. She hasn’t been discussed much lately.

      I suppose that was somebody’s idea of establishing a “Right Winger” as the culprit. One can only guess. The whole thing is beyond stupid. I know that we often say that they’re crazy. These sort of things proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. Who in their right minds would dream up and carry out something like this?

      It looks like they’re gonna go “Full Kavanaugh” on this though. They only have a few days left to save their world for Communism.

  12. A Republican did it to make the Dems look like idiots for trying to hoist such a lame false flag.

  13. This will remain in the news through election day then vanish without being “solved”…. As they used to say in the old movies where there was a bomb to be defused…. “Cut the RED wire!!” Wanna buy a bridge???

  14. Because Everything the Corrupt Dems have touched/tried of late, seems to be ‘smacking them in the face(I can think of 4 things they tried and it has backfired.’ As soon as this was announced on tv, (being naturally curious And a skeptic)I turned to my hubby and said:
    “This sounds like ANOTHER Corrupt Democrat Scheme, to try to turn the country AGAINST Trump/and his voters(and those who will come aboard)and for Dems to try to STEAL this mid term election.”

    As a “political junkie, I do go to many sites daily/receive Many articles/and I post daily, sometimes hours on end.” So I know, Many of the Bad Actors, and would NEVER put this past them. They are getting desperate, and have NO IDEAS Of HOW to Strengthen America(As POTUS Trump IS doing) and they can ONLY BASH TRUMP DAILY, USING THE LIBERAL /LEFTIST MEDIA AS THEIR OTHER ARM OF THE DEM. PARTY.

    It also appears, that George Soros, is ‘behind paying for So. Americans to
    join the caravan, as he and Dems have pushed for this INVASION ofAmerica
    by “Illegal Aliens(here in Ca.-Loony Gov.Brown, etc. is declaring they can get drivers’ licenses, and show those to vote) as the Democrats have taken the Black Voters for granted for YEARS, and Lied to them-ignoring them the Day After They Are Elected. Many black voters are ‘wising up, and they see that it actually IS POTUS Trump, who is lifting them OUT of their historical LOW EMPLOYMENT numbers, and Others see the difference in their Jobs ARE improving(in many groups). For Decades they have been lied to by Dems-Just to get their votes and Obama was NO EXCEPTION-as they were taken for granted.


  15. BTW: I didn’t clarify, that the Democrats ARE losing the Black Voters, and they NEED to replace them with the “Illegal Alien Votes” they are PUSHING FOR, so it’s understandable they do NOT want ANY Wall OR Borders to be block them.

    Guess America is the ONLY Nation that is NOT supposed to protect our borders/American citizens-as guaranteed us under our Own Constitution.

    • None of this is about what a political party “wants”. Their primary concern is SUPPOSED to be the country, period, not some faceless global cabal. If their loyalty is to a faceless global cabal they need to be imprisoned.

      They all swear an oath to assume their offices or positions. I took it as well. I take it seriously. It doesn’t say anything about allegiance to foreign entities. One swears to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      No political aspiration is supposed to be above that obligation. This is why they are constantly trying to downplay our history and our Constitution. Our enemies are real and would like nothing better than for us to abandon our first principles.

      If I were “king” there would be tribunals alright. I think we’d stretch a lot of rope.

  16. This is the latest I could find on this little operation:

    Very pathetic. They’re still hyperventilating about how Trump should be “apologizing” for this.

  17. Fake bombs, fake narrative, fake news

  18. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Anybody else incredulous about only a single bomb being exploded — the Soros bomb, at that? And they didn’t say “it exploded”, but rather “it was exploded” or whatever. I don’t believe these were live bombs from the get-go… from both their appearances and from the descriptions given by the experts and law enforcement that dealt with them. Just a scare tactic: “We know the enemy and how to reach them”, only I like the idea about the sender possibly being a die-hard Sanders supporter to complete the plan. Same enemies, but make it appear to be a “crazy Trumper”.

    The only problem with that is that we all know conservatives DON’T strike back (out of a sense of morality and following the law); we CERTAINLY aren’t the sort to do a cowardly (non mano-a-mano) first-strike! Certainly not the people I know.

  19. A few things of note: Check the stamp glue for DNA, that will tell who did what with them, secondly, check the glass shards for prints or other material, will the FBI do either of these, one wonders? Also are we sure the powder in there was even gunpowder, suppose it was just a bunch of “activated charcoal” to ensure that it wouldn’t pose any risk? (And why glass shards, isn’t the typical item for that supposed to be something more substantial, the concussive force of the explosion would probably break the glass further into possibly something that won’t end up doing much, if any, damage, and why PVC, that material is too weak to be of any use for such a thing, no?)

    This whole thing seems to fall to bits like toilet paper dropped on a camp fire. The question remains though, who did it? The postal service issue of incredibly fast delivery, either by courier or anything else, seems to indicate the packages may not have been mailed or entered into a parcel service at all, as Dr. Eowyn noted, in which case the ones responsible are likely either the recipients or one of the intelligence agencies… but if so, the job was so badly done it would be an embarrassment to their reputations, that said, does this perhaps seem too stupid for them to actually expect people to believe it? The intel agencies etc. have had over a hundred years to perfect black ops etc. (Plus the history and lessons from other scuzzbag operations from history, recent and ancient.) and this sort of thing is the best they can generate? One wonders if this false flag is potentially purposefully shoddy to make a distraction or something?

  20. No DNA on stamps. usps stamps for the most part have been self adhesive for a while now. And fingerprints may not be there because of gloves.
    However, since virtually all printers embed their information on everything they print, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same isn’t true for stamps. They’d know exactly where they were sold. And they’d know about when. All they’d have to do is look at surveillance video for anyone buying stamps with gloves on.
    On the other hand none of this really matters because I think we all know this is a liberal, leftist, deep state, false flag intended to stop the Trump Juggernaut. I only hope any bombshells the leftist drop will leave the wackos at the bottom.

    • Self adhesive indeed, I would be hoping someone was dumb enough to try to apply them without wearing gloves, and have some dead skin or other identifying stuff on their fingers at the time, which the stamp would hold.

      Although I do find myself wondering if there even are packages at all, aside from what was used for the photo ops… after all the “news” these days seems to be largely synthetic, but to what degree, I don’t know.

  21. FBI director Wray calls these phony bombs IEDs. If he means Imitation Explosive Devices, I guess he’s got a point.

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  23. Things to do today:

    Plaster rapey van with MAGA stickers.
    Mail impotent bombs that end up at CNN after finding the address of VIP’s with security details and cameras from search engine.
    Get roll of duct tape to keep that pesky tarp on rapey van.

  24. The only flaw I find with some of the logic of other posters here, is the partisan, knee jerk reaction that the dems are all pathological criminal masterminds … lots of criminal enterprises/ foreign powers have motives to meddle in our affairs to cast aspersions and muddy our social fabric. But for a certain demographic easily found on comment sections, it’s always immigrants/ communists/ leftists with a grand plan tear down America. Wake up, countless foreign powers want to turn the screws on us and disrupt our lives, distract our people, frame our leaders and find any weakness in us to exploit. The fact that your fellow citizens are always your main suspect shows how well the division agenda works, don’t make it this easy for them.

  25. Very much like the 1975 Birtwhistle conspiracy, which if I remember rightly involved pocket size torches cunningly disguised as gold lipsticks. Birtwhistle was a champion ballroom dancer who went mad.

  26. Did you hear about the suspicious packages hoax? It really bombed.


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