How We Fight Back

How do we take back America from the libs, socialists, commies, and parasites? Here is one easy way.
There is a really cool website called The People Decide:
When you register with an e-mail, password, and zip code, the site automatically sends you an e-mail anytime there is a piece of legislation before Congress.
The site enables you to “vote” on that bill. It also shows how other citizens have voted on the same bill and, most importantly, how your senator or representative voted! This lets you see exactly how “representative” your elected representatives really are.
Moreover, each piece of legislation has an e-mail link under your representative’s name. You can just click the link and send an e-mail to your representative, telling him or her what you think about the bill and your representative’s vote on that bill!
If enough of us make use of The People Decide, I guarantee you our supposed “representatives” in Congress will take notice!
~May and Eowyn 

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9 years ago

Thankyou you guys! This is a very handy little tool. Since from here on out we are going to have to watch them like hawks!