How to trick the trickster

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A clever young man went to an Obama campaign appearance, pretended to be a fan, and asked to have his picture taken with Mr. Hope&Change. LOL

H/t beloved Tina!
Here’s another way to trick the trickster.
Yesterday, I got a form letter from Obama, asking me to support his reelection by giving a donation to the DNC.
Instead of throwing the letter into the recycle bin, I wrote this on the donation form:
“You are a fraud, Obama. You are not a Natural Born Citizen. You got to that Georgia judge, but there will be other ballot challenges. Count on it.”
Then I put the form in the postage-paid return envelope and deposited it in the mailbox.
It cost me nothing, but the Obama 2012 campaign is out 42 cents.

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0 responses to “How to trick the trickster

  1. Funny picture!
    I never had the nerve to do it but during the last election I had friends who would return the postage paid envelopes to the DNC taped to large boxes of old phone books and even bricks…….making the DNC out quite a few dollars rather than 42 cents!

  2. It’ll also help the broke U.S. Postal Service!

  3. Who said we don’t talk about things that make us happy! This makes me happy! I love our postal service! 😉

  4. Hahaha…we are too small for mail carriers…we just have a little post office w/boxes! But My kids love getting mail! It is one of the bright spots in my day! :). It takes an hour but it’s still fun!

  5. I hate cell phones! My kid put mine in the potty a couple of months ago….it has been glorious!

  6. Ha…hope you didn’t have your return address on that form!

    • DCG,
      There were two parts to that form. The top half has my name & address and boxes to check off how much I want to donate. The bottom half has 4 blank lines to write a comment. I tore off the top half and mailed off the bottom half. Of course! LOL 😀

  7. knowing how thin skinned this guy is,ROFL! I bet this one ticked him right off!! thorough enjoyment.


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