How to trick the trickster

A clever young man went to an Obama campaign appearance, pretended to be a fan, and asked to have his picture taken with Mr. Hope&Change. LOL

H/t beloved Tina!
Here’s another way to trick the trickster.
Yesterday, I got a form letter from Obama, asking me to support his reelection by giving a donation to the DNC.
Instead of throwing the letter into the recycle bin, I wrote this on the donation form:
“You are a fraud, Obama. You are not a Natural Born Citizen. You got to that Georgia judge, but there will be other ballot challenges. Count on it.”
Then I put the form in the postage-paid return envelope and deposited it in the mailbox.
It cost me nothing, but the Obama 2012 campaign is out 42 cents.

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8 years ago

Funny picture!
I never had the nerve to do it but during the last election I had friends who would return the postage paid envelopes to the DNC taped to large boxes of old phone books and even bricks…….making the DNC out quite a few dollars rather than 42 cents!

8 years ago

Who said we don’t talk about things that make us happy! This makes me happy! I love our postal service! 😉

8 years ago

Hahaha…we are too small for mail carriers…we just have a little post office w/boxes! But My kids love getting mail! It is one of the bright spots in my day! :). It takes an hour but it’s still fun!

8 years ago

I hate cell phones! My kid put mine in the potty a couple of months ago….it has been glorious!

8 years ago

Ha…hope you didn’t have your return address on that form!

8 years ago

knowing how thin skinned this guy is,ROFL! I bet this one ticked him right off!! thorough enjoyment.