How to Subvert Govt Censorship of Internet

FellowshipOfTheMinds has readers all over the world. Some are in Australia.
There is an effort underway in Australia to restrict freedom of the Internet. We know that the Obama administration — specifically “regulatory czar” Cass Sunstein who in his 2009 book “On Rumors” proposes censoring the Internet in the name of combatting “false damaging rumors” — would dearly love to impose web censorship. As old media become moribund, the Internet has become an increasingly powerful medium of communication which is informing citizens and empowering the TEA Party movement. Any effort to restrict freedom of Internet any where in the world should concern all of us.
In 2008, the Australian Labor Party introduced a policy of mandatory Internet filtering for all Australians. Even though the policy has not yet come into force, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) already has a blacklist of “refused classification” (“RC”) websites which would presumably form the basis for the mandatory filter. It has issued a take-down notice and threatened fines of $11,000 per day to at least one website hosted in Australia which contained a link to material on this blacklist. On Tuesday 15 December 2009, it was announced that new legislation, entitled “Measures to improve safety of the internet for families”, would be introduced to support mandatory Internet filtering. [Source]
Here’s something for our Australian friends:
Yesterday, I came across an interesting post on the Computerworld website — Darren Pauli’s “The Pirate Party: How to Bypass the Great Australian Firewall.” Pauli gives step-by step instructions on how Australians — or anyone — can subvert government censorship of the Internet. As he puts it:

“If an army of 70-year olds can get around the government’s net filter, so can you. Here’s how.”

For Pauli’s instructions, CLICK HERE!

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their wanting control of our internet-REALLY BAD! this is Obamao’s tool,he doesn’t want us using it to communicate. Just came out today,Soros wants the media under the government, {keep pushing you bunch of communist bastards} you will get whats coming to you.


Typical Communist tactic, isn’t it? We have freedom of speech that protects the most offensive pornography in existence, but God forbid we allow freedom of speech to those individuals who oppose O’s administration, his pro-abortion stance, his imposed socialism and gigantic government control.


Yeah, so the goverment wont give us an opt-out system. using free proxies is one method but who wants to spend there life on a proxy website that will only work for so long. – You can hook this up through your internet router and have transparency across your network and bypass the filter.