How to stop ‘Anonymous’ phone calls on your landline

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Last year, I did a post on “Why the FTC’s Do Not Call registry doesn’t stop those annoying robo-calls — and how you can stop them”.

After I signed on to a service called Nomorobo, which blocks robo-calls free for landline phones but costs $1.99 a month for mobile phones, most of the robo-calls I get indeed are blocked. How I know is when a call comes in, the phone only rings once, then the call is referred to Nomorobo.

But Nomorobo (to which I donated) still does not block all nuisance calls. I’ve noticed that some calls still get through, which my landline phone’s Caller ID identifies as “Anonymous”.

Well, there is a way to block “Anonymous” calls as well! Alas, it works only with some landline phones Xfinity, AT&T and Verizon, but not T-Mobile and Sprint.  

Craig Johnson of tells us how:

If your landline phone service is with Xfinity:

  • On your home phone, lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  • Press *77 and listen for a confirmation tone. That’s how you know that the feature is working.
  • The “anonymous” caller who is blocking the display of their name and number will hear an automated recording that you’re not accepting blocked calls, and that to call again they must to unblock their Caller ID.
  • To turn off the Anonymous Call Rejection feature, press *87 and listen for a confirmation tone. When you hear it, the feature has been deactivated.

If your landline phone service is with AT&T:

  • Open the Customer Portal online and click the Inbound Features tab.
  • If Anonymous Call Rejection is enabled, to the right of it, under Action, click the Edit icon. Click yes or no and save.

If your landline phone service is with Verizon:

Even after you’ve activated the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your landline phone, there are at least three kinds of calls that you’ll still receive:

  • Operator-assisted calls.
  • Calls that come up as Unknown or Unavailable.
  • Calls that are listed as Out-of-Area.

Note that the *77 feature won’t stop anonymous calls on your cell phone. Depending on the cell phone carrier, pressing *77 will either result in a “call could not be completed” prompt or in some areas of the United States, pressing *77 on your mobile phone will connect you to either the police or public safety officials.

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7 responses to “How to stop ‘Anonymous’ phone calls on your landline

  1. I always give them a reverse obscene call! I act like I am getting off and ask them about their sex life while moaning… That usually ends the call… If they sound like they are from India I say “Bunda-Mur-WAH” which I was told is “Go Fuck Youself”…. If it is a female I say “Moe-gogo-Chi-Chi-WAH” which I was told means “You stink like the river”… That usually stops most calls. I cancelled my land line years ago because the only calls I would get were bill collectors looking for my deadbeat mother and brother…

  2. My little county phone service doesn’t apply with Nomorobo.
    Well, I guess I’ll just leave the ringer in off position.

    I don’t have a cell phone either…don’t know anybody; no neighbors, friends, or family.
    Oh, I do have a tracfone for emergencies when I’m out. $22.12 every 90 days with 120 minutes.

  3. Oh, the only person with my cell # is my I wouldn’t answer ever if it’s not him.

  4. Thank you, I have Xfinity for my land line and ATT for my cell. Great info.

  5. I think that it is extremely interesting that we have so many “Hollyweird” types who hold themselves up to be paragons of virtue . . . . doesn’t this just make you wonder how they could have possibly stooped so low?

    The one thing that may well have played a roll in deciding to enter into these “bargains with the devil,” is that the alumni of these prestigious schools look out for new graduates–they make sure that the new alumni coming up thru the ranks get hired at these prestigious Universities, get hired at Fortune 500 companies, etc. even though they might not have the requisite brain power that people who were pushed to accept admittance to lesser Universities. This is the real travesty–those who really excel, will forever be excluded from top jobs, along with impressive salaries, because those jobs will be snapped up by schemers and those who used fraudulent means to enter and graduate from these prestigious schools. This really makes my blood boil. It is as though the aristocracy in this country ensures that their children are entitled to the prestige of attending and graduating from these schools, even though their darling child is a “dumb bunny.”

    Another aspect of the listing of those who were making the bribes . . . look at the ages of the majority of “these parents.” A very few were in their 40’s, the rest were in their 50’s and 60’s. Wouldn’t you just think that folks that are that old would have some modicum of common sense–which would tell them not to get involved in such nefarious goings on?

    I can only hope that there are none of those who paid bribes who are able to escape actual prison time. There needs to be one justice system for everyone in this country . . . not separate justice meted out to the rich and famous.

    I doubt that “Aunt Becky” is going to remain rich, but she will certainly be infamous after this debacle.

  6. Have an answering machine screen calls… cold-callers hang up.


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