How to register your gun (warning, foul language)!



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0 responses to “How to register your gun (warning, foul language)!

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  3. priceless!!!!

  4. Luv this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I do like his style …………

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  7. That was awesome! Maybe one day .GOV will finally get it that the people are FED up and WILL NOT comply to unconstitutional laws or taxes.

  8. I’d visit him in Prison. (Maybe we can get cells close enough to talk when I tell ’em the same thing.)

  9. Does anyone in gov’t. yet understand that, until they completely shred//disband/cancel/subjugate the Bill of Rights…that the Right to Bear Arms is NOT GOING AWAY…and even then…if any of the aforementioned circumstances arise to BAN the Right to Bear Arms…it will be so transparent that it means the US Government has completely abandoned the Constitution and therefore, there IS NO USA anymore…and we—the PEOPLE—- are then in a state of complete abandonment, subjugation, and maybe…Revolution?

  10. I love it. But would have refrained from putting my real name.


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