How to Properly Use a Treadmill

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Don’t y’all wish you could do this?  Looks like this guy is having a ball.   Take a break in your day and watch till the end!

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0 responses to “How to Properly Use a Treadmill

  1. Looks like a guy celebrating a new figure, anyway, I love his attitude. Good for him.

  2. That was fabulous! He looks like he’s having a ball. What a wonderful way to spice up such an arduous task. Thank you for bringing this refreshing post to us!

  3. pretty cool, I love his stamina….I hope he wasn’t at planet fitness

  4. HAHAHAHHA…HE’S sure good at it, isn’t he…I can’t do all that without the treadmill

  5. Certainly wasn’t just running in one place for a while (boring)…

  6. LOL – If I tried that, I would severely injure myself.

  7. After about two seconds I’d be laying over in the corner all bruised and broken… 😉

  8. HELLO! If someone could teach me/coach me how to do this, I might FINALLY join an otherwise BORING gym! How many calories do you think this ate up?


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