Sandy Hook Massacre: The People v. Crisis Management Institute

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This thread is a continuation of the January 26 post, “How we know a guide on counseling children about Sandy Hook predated the massacre.
For the back story of this, see “Guide on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook 4 days BEFORE massacre,” Jan. 16, 2013.
Peter, the author of “How we know a guide….,” continuea to make his case with “Exhibits” on some highly technical aspects of “How we know….” I will be adding to this post, so please check back for updated material.
If you write a comment, please refer to the particular Exhibit to which you’re addressing, as in “re. Exhibit #1” or “re. Exhibit #2.”
Peter will present his case as a prosecutor at a criminal trial. Let’s call it “The People v. Crisis Management Institute-Arlington Red Devils.” Below is his “Opening Statement.” I will be adding his Exhibits, as he writes them.

The People v. Crisis Management Institute-Arlington Red Devils

So that I can place all the information I have for you to consider here in an orderly fashion I will present it in the fashion of a prosecutor in a criminal trial.
At the start of a Criminal Trial the Prosecutor makes a statement explaining what the Crime consists of, who he thinks is the criminal, and outlines how he intends to provide evidence showing that his case is accurate.


On December 14, 2012 there was a School Shooting Incident at the Sandy Hook School. Some days after the actual shootings, Documents 1, 2 & 3 in “How we know a guide on counseling children about Sandy Hook predated the massacre were found on the Internet. We will examine all 3 very closely to determine how they came to exist.
Documents 1 & 2 were found in Google’s Webcache, a place that records all public documents Google finds on the Internet.
Document 3 was found using the Google search engine.
The published dates displayed on all three documents predate the events of Dec 14, 2012.
Document 1 shows Dec 10, 2012, Documents 2 & 3 show December 13, 2012.
Our task here is to examine and present all the evidence available to us in order to determine whether the documents originated before or after Dec 14th, 2012.
The process will have 3 stages.
1. Determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with this investigation. If there is not enough evidence stop here. If there is enough evidence go on to stage 2.
2. Determine the date the documents were created. If the document are shown to originate after the events stop here. If the documents are shown to predate the actual event proceed to Stage 3
3. Determine who is responsible for creating Documents 1, 2 & 3 as they appear within Google’s servers.
If it is proven the documents did originate before Dec 14, 2012, it means that someone had foreknowledge and it was likely a massive preplanned event rather than a random shooting caused by a deranged individual.
Determining who falsified the documents will point to the guilty party by determining who had the access required to change them and also who had a motive to change them.

EXHIBIT 1: Who Had Access?

The Arlington Schools, not school Website functions within computer software called SpireCMS, the developer of this software and most likely the designer of the website is present here as commenter Jeremy.
I owe him an apology for something I had written in public on this thread. [Note from Eowyn: I’ve since deleted Peter’s accusatory comments about Jeremy, and have apologized to Jeremy.] I said what I said in public because my communication with the staff here is limited. I am only a guest here as Jeremy is. I am ALWAYS open to changing my opinion if I discover I have been wrong.
Jeremy could provide much valuable information about the site in question if he chooses to do so. I hope he does.
I am going to place many urls / weblinks in this thread which will allow you to go to the actual sites being discussed whenever possible.
The first website is:
To go to the site, copy and paste the url above into another window of your browser.
Visting the site shows us the schools are located in Ohio. The website shows an address of 336 South Main Street, Arlington, Ohio 45814; phone: 419-365-5121; fax: 419-365-1282. I assume this is their School District’s Office.
There is an Internet Tool called Whois which when used in conjunction with a search engine such as Google will return detailed information about websites.
To find out where the computers that hold the Arlington Schools Website are located, I did a whois and checked two different databases.
The results are:

This report on Arlingtonlocalschools was run on January, 01, 2013. Server Details
IP address:
Server Location:
San Antonio, TX in United States
Rackspace Hosting

    The results are:

25 other sites hosted on this server. Remember this it will be important.
IP Address:
IP Location:
United States – New York – New York City
Domain Status:
Registered And Active Website

I have not included all the information available, only what is relevant here. You can verify what is here is accurate by using the url’s.
I won’t explain what everything here means, just tell you what it tells me in plain English. Other techies are welcome to comment if they feel I am wrong.
The Arlington School’s Website is not physically located in Ohio where the schools are. Until at least Jan 1, 2013, they were on a server located in Houston, Texas. The site was recently moved (Jan 1, 2013) to a server located in New York City.
The above means that when staff at the Arlington Schools’ Office sit down at a computer to manage the website, they are not working on a Website hosted locally on a computer in their offices. Until Jan 1, 2013 they were managing their website on a server located in Texas and from that date to the present on a server in New York.
Jeremy’s SpireCMS is what easily, without technical skills, allows them to do this.
SpireCMS, that’s used by Arlington Schools, is an example of Content Management Systems (CMS). So is WordPress, that’s used to create and manage this blog, FOTM. Content Management Systems easily allow owners with very minimal technical computer skills to make available to the public whatever information they like.
The staff person at the school in Arlington who maintains the website, could as easily be sitting here beside me in Ocean Falls and do everything they could from their office. Neither location is where the Website server computer is.
All that is required to do this is for the staff person to have a username and password with authorization as an administrator.
Obviously you don’t want everyone who uses the site to have administrator rights as anyone could then possibly do serious damage or steal confidential information.
CMS systems commonly allow a number of different levels of access, such as (I won’t mention all of them here, only enough to illustrate what is needed):

  • End Users: such as parents or children who can only comment as we guests on FOTM can. They can also possibly access areas of the site not open to the public.
  • Authors: Authors are allowed more privileges than End Users but not all the privileges of an administrator. They cannot change the site layout or functioning, they can only create documents and place them where needed. While creating documents they are allowed to upload files from their own local computer to add to the document they create. The uploaded documents can be pretty much anything, a picture, a video, a song, a pdf file.
  • Administrator: An admin can do everything an author can plus tweak all the controls on the site.

The link below is live and can be clicked directly to see how authority is set:
It will show the section of the WordPress control panel on one of the sites I manage which allows an administrator to authorize each member with their own unique privileges.
All that the staff person at Arlington Schools would need to do to authorize a trusted person to upload and create content on the site is to go to that member’s profile record, partially shown above, open the dropbox as illustrated, and decide what they will allow that person to do.
That person could then access the School’s website — Arlington Red Devils — from any Internet connection in the world.
Giving such a person any privilege from author up, would allow them to do everything required to create and place the Documents 1, 2, & 3 we are discussing, without the intervention from anyone directly associated with the school.
If Jeremy would be so kind as to confirm spireCMS works similarly to this and has the same capability, it would prove someone could place the documents without anyone at the school knowing about it.
If Jeremy won’t confirm this, I will ask Eowyn, the owner of this site, to temporarily elevate my privileges so I can demonstrate how it is done.
The above proves to me conclusively that the possibility that someone not directly associated with the school could have uploaded and created the content we are discussing.
If we all agree with my conclusion we can continue on and next try to determine if anyone outside the school had opportunity to create the material by being given such authority.


Update (Feb. 8, 2013):

Peter continues to make his case by examining two Google cache documents. See “A computer forensics analysis of 2 Sandy Hook documents,” Feb. 8, 2013.

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook Massacre: The People v. Crisis Management Institute

  1. Thank you for breaking this down to an orderly approach.
    The implications are too large to let adrenaline rule the discussion.
    ~TD (an accidental techy)

  2. OK, so far I undertand. 😀

  3. So far it all seems pretty straightforward.

  4. This site has been on my favorites in “Daily” reading for a long time. Yet, I don’t come here often enough. When I do – it is never just for a couple of minutes and click off to something else. Thank you all, here, for the work that you do! If I only knew how to use this ridiculous version of windows – 8 – I’d have this site saved for one of my FIRST visits of the day!
    Surely I cannot be alone in such thinking – and, clearly, I am not, after reading so many articles and comments, at this site – but trying to explain what IS really happening “out there” and “everywhere” to those who just can’t see past regular abc-type-programming and, the worst, the government sponsored npr’s! is close to impossible. I feel like I can talk until I am blue [which, thankfully, is something I am about capable of doing], and yet I fail to get the message – regardless of whether it is Sandy Hook meaning gun control, how the healthcare act was designed to do pretty much the opposite of ANYTHING but make affordable healthcare, and GAWD FORBID bring a racial / religious! Whoa. Yikes! It amazes me that there are SO many people out there who are SO clueless.
    When I recently bought four or five KMart’s, Target’s, and Walmart’s out of 75 watt light bulbs, the reactions I got at the check-out counters were stunning. Not a single one of them realized that from on that there won’t be any 75 watt [100, last year] bulbs, ever again, and that OUR government was responsible.
    Note to self: Must come here, every single day over coffee in the morning!

    • Thank you for your kind words, BT. ♥

    • BT, I think I own every 100 watt bulb made..LOL bought them all last year.
      Thanks for the compliments.
      As far as windows 8 you can throw it out the window I agree.
      What browser are you using?
      I’m working on a laptop with Vista and use mostly Mozzila and pretty easy to book mark stuff.
      My wife has new PC with windows 8 and being a typical guy ,God forbid I read the tutorials.
      I just found out there is a quick launch app that kinda makes it feel like windows 7. You know click bottom rt micro symbol and the usual program come up. Tell me what browser your using and I’ll try to help. I’ve only watched first bit of tutorials but learned a bit.
      We used to have a saying years a go it was called
      RTFM Read The &uckin Manual ..LOL
      PS I hate Window 8 and aid for a month I just wanted ti reinstall a copy of windows 7.
      Let me know I’m sure I can help ya out. Steve

      • Past my paygrade re: browser, Steve. Explorer? Yes. [Dell laptop that was 15 months – 15 MONTHS – old w/Windows 7 died. “Seven beeps of death.” There are NO new laptops out there to be found – worth anything – that have 7 on them. Actually bought a “floor model” Asus w/7 on it and it worked for 36 hours. Not kidding. Keyboard was shot! Of course it was, it was a floor model. What was I thinking?! Best Buy handled it well. Have a new Asus. There is no “RTFM” – it’s all on-line, I’m told. Feel like I’m lucky I can do what I do with this new one. An Asus. And, I’ve done nothing but read blogs, news, send a few e-mails, and browse for our new house stuff we need. But I truly do appreciate your kind offer of help. I’ll muddle through it with a few choice words here and there. Okay. Quite a few choice words!]
        Good Lord, please watch over us all. With what is happening today, I am truly afraid for my son, daughter-in-law, 2 1/2 year old grandson… et al.
        Again, thanks FOTM!

  5. keep it coming, you are doing good!

  6. Anonymous? Doesn’t Anonymous work for the CIA?
    Am I nuts? Didn’t Anonymous hack into the Syrian Govt. internet capability just now? The main issue is do you love Jesus? His name is above all other names including Anonymous. Exhale everyone, God is in control and he is an On Time God, he may not come when you want him, but he’s always right on time.
    Wait I say on the Lord…………………………………….

  7. Even though I have not commented before on all of Dr. Eowyn’s meticulous research in to the discrepancies on the “official” version of what happened in Newtown. I have been reading the the posts and I have heard several radio talk show hosts state how misguided we were about our conspiracy theories.
    If I interpret what I have read so far right, a tragedy did occur at some location, be it a school or some other location but it is was all planned out in advance and while I don’t dispute that shootings took place, the official version of the events of that day just have entirely too many holes in it to hold water.
    If this is truly a case of our government murdering innocent people to push an anti-gun agenda then it is not the first time that a tyrant or dictator has staged a coverup to push an agenda. I just never thought I would ever see it happen here. I pray to the Lord that the truth comes out and justice prevails, until then, Dr. Eowyn keep digging, keep peeling back the layers, you have done a superb job already along with everybody else that has contributed information and technical advice.

  8. You may not be aware I recently added a lot of new material regarding the Arlington Local Schools Site in the previous thread. All that material relates to the website at the Arlington Schools Website, Not to Crisis Management Inc.
    To check that thread CLICK HERE
    Today I put a schedule in the other thread estimating when the rest of the Investigation will be completed.
    I repeat it here for your convenience.
    To reassure those of you who might be wondering if I will ever get around to the critical point of addressing the actual evidence in this situation, I will produce a short schedule here of what remains to be done and when each step is likely to occur.
    TODAY Feb 1, 2013.
    Present 2 more pieces of information about the Arlington Schools Website.
    Answer Dr Eowyn’s questions about the site.
    Address a point Jeremy made about the website.
    Move on to demonstrating how Crisis Management Inc. (CMI) fits into the events that occurred.
    All of the above will become important to understand as we examine the actual evidence.
    The (CMI) analysis might bleed into tomorrow.)
    Feb 2, 2013.
    Possibly finish up with CMI
    Demolish the official explanation for the documents that pre-dated the events at Sandy Hook.
    Feb 3, 2013.
    Prove the documents came into existence before the event they announce occurred.
    Propose how the documents really came into existence using the information presented to date.
    Feb 4, 2013.
    Prove how the documents came to be in Google’s cache.
    Present a summary of how all the pieces of the puzzle presented here fit together, and what that means.
    Present a summary that could be used as a guide to gather further evidence to firm up what has been presented to date from possible and probable to proven.
    The summaries may bleed into Feb 5, 2013.
    Tonight I will start providing my analysis of Crisis Management Inc. in this thread.

  9. Thank you, Peter for your time and analysis. The crime, the coverup, the planning, the released information are all so heinous, I’ve truly withdrawn from most comments. I turn to our Lord and pray and that is the solace that my soul seeks.

    I have added 3 Exhibits for CMI
    1) The contents of the pdf file they provided to the Arlington Local Schools Site. The 2 pages of the document are displayed as images for those who have trouble with Acrobat Reader.
    To view the Exhibit CLICK HERE

  11. 2) The contents of 6 other pdf files CMI provides to their clients to give a better idea of the scope of their services. The 6 pages of the documents are displayed as images for those who have trouble with Acrobat Reader.
    To view the Exhibit CLICK HERE

  12. 3) A screen capture of a page on CMI’s site that shows the type of training services they provide to clients. There is also a live link to that page on their site.
    To view the Exhibit CLICK HERE (close exhibit window to return here)
    I was hoping to start on the actual analysis of CMI tonight but I got sidetracked for a period and will instead start on it tomorrow. See you then.

  13. Have you guys seen this?
    Talking with your child about the Sandy Hook Tragedy
    December 10, 2012
    If you need additional resources to you talk with your child about the recent school tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School please check our website under Parents/Students. The link is posted under both the Elementary School Forms and Information section and the High School Forms and Information section. Click on either link and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen to Talking with your Children about the Sandy Hook Incident.
    After reading the posts here while doing research on the topic I tried the wayback machine:
    This is clear confirmation…
    « Back to News

    • JD, thank you for this…. It is another cached copy of the page that Google removed from their cache recently, during this investigation.
      That move by Google is suspicious. Google regularly removes search returns, which are a separate record from a cached page, once a page no longer exists where it was first found, but supposedly the last archived version of any page Google recorded stays in the archive into perpetuity.
      Once the search record pointing at a page is deleted by Google, the only way to find the archived copy of that page is to know the exact name and url of where the page originally was.
      Google is not the only company that archives web pages.
      The way back Machine and a couple of others do the same thing. I did have a quick look in the way back machine earlier but didn’t come up with this record, probably because I had something in the file name wrong.
      Thanks again, good work!

    • I have created an EXHIBIT with all the relevant information regarding this great find by J. D. Weiss.
      To view the EXHIBIT with the Wayback Machine Archive version of Document 1 CLICK HERE

  14. Now that’s interesting

  15. Good morning….
    I started the day by adding another new exhibit.
    To view the exhibit CLICK HERE
    To set the stage for the next portion of the investigation I will summarize the general information we have gathered so far to put what we have accomplished into perspective.
    To aid the summary I wanted to place another general piece of information gathered about ALS into the record. The exhibit above is that piece of information.
    The above exhibit contains information about where the Arlington Local Schools Website (ALS) is physically located. There are many different websites on the internet providing this type of information to those professionals managing information on the Internet.
    The specific tool I used to get this information is called ‘whois’. The many different companies that provide this type of technical background information, do not all access the same set of records. There are a number of different databases that hold this type of information about the internet backbone.
    Depending on when a specific whois provider last checked the databases, and which database they checked, a specific whois provider’s information may not be up to date.
    Because of the possibility of a single whois provider not having up to date information, it is always a good idea to check several providers.
    The first whois return was not up to date but it tells us something very important. At the time the news item we are discussing was created on the ALS website, the site was physically located on a website server located in San Antonio, Texas.
    The second whois return was more up to date and showed that at some time after Jan 1, 2013, the website was physically moved to a server in New York City, NY.
    Websites  are moved around regularly for a number of valid reasons but what is suspicious about this particular move is it’s timing.
    There is a very important reason to move the website if there was wrong doing.
    If this was an official investigation, which allowed us to forcefully gather all the information needed to determine if there had been a crime, we would not need to go through the convoluted process I am going through here.
    Instead we could compel the hosting company in San Antonio which held the ALS site during December 2012 to give us all copies in their possession of the Database that holds the ALS website information.
    With access to these databases we would be able to prove exactly when the news item came into being and what it said at that time.
    It would take less than an hour to do so.
    There is more than 1 copy of this database at the Hosting Company.
    Such Companies ALL do regular backups of all the websites they host (there were 25 sites on this server).
    These backups occur at least daily if not more often. Each backup is preserved individually so the main database can be restored to a number of different dates if something goes wrong. Example… For the ALS site there would exist a number of backup copies of their database, each corresponding to a different date, dec 10, dec 11, dec 12, dec 14 and so on, both before and after, the dates I show as examples.
    The backup copies of the database are managed by the hosting company not by anyone related to the ALS site. No one at ALS can delete or remove them from the hosting company’s servers. ALS can only request their site be restored to a specific date if their site crashes.
    ALS personnel, including Jeremy’s Company, can only change the current database which is running the site.
    They cannot change the backup copies.
    If the ALS site crashes, ALS can restore the site to a previous date, but it would then not show any changes, or additions, made on the site after the backup was created.
    If there was a crime committed, restoring the site to a backup taken by the hosting company on Dec 10, 2012 could be used to easily prove if the news item existed on that date.
    The only way possible to assure that such a discovery could not be made, is to move the website to a different hosting company as was done by ALS sometime after Jan 1, 2013, possibly when those involved became aware that people were starting to ask questions about items in the ALS database.
    Destroying the evidence in the hosting companies automatic backups, which could be used to reconstruct the crime at any time, would be accomplished by moving the site from a server in San Antonio, to one in New York, as occurred sometime after Jan 1, 2013.
    Once ALS was no longer a Client of the host company in San Antonio, they would likely erase all the ALS related stuff from their servers to allocate the space to their new client that replaces ALS.
    CMI next later today.

    • Wow. Good find, Peter.
      Why would ALS move its physical site from San Antonio to New York? The timing, of course, makes the reason for the move very suspect.

  16. I have created a new general interest Exhibit. It is a picture of the School we are discussing taken from the website of Arlington Village.
    To view the exhibit CLICK HERE

    PO Box 331
    Salem, OR 97308
    Phone: 503-585-3484
    Fax: 503-364-0403
    (Early on in one of the threads here someone placed a record in a thread from the Oregon Database of Companies that showed where CMI are physically located. Could some one please find that information and get it to me? I’d like to add it to the Exhibits.)
    Because this is not an Official Investigation we can no more compel CMI to provide us with physical proof of their involvement at ALS than we can force SpireCMS (Jeremy), Arlington Local School, (ALS) or Google to be forth coming with solid evidence.
    Because of this restraint all we have done so far is prove that a crime could have been committed. So far there is nothing we have found ruling out that possibility. In this process we have discovered a number of curious facts that suggest a cover up is being conducted attempting to hide what occurred on the ALS website.
    We have clearly shown that suspicion on our part is valid, and that it is worth the effort to continue on with our investigation.
    At some point we need to actually be able to PROVE a crime was committed.
    The level of evidence we can acquire about CMI will not allow for PROOF of wrong doing on their part. All we can do with the information we gather about CMI is demonstrate they technically could cause the occurrence at ALS. This level of proof does not mean they committed a crime, it only demonstrates it is technically possible to do what happened at ALS if they so chose to.
    What I will do in this post is show you how they could have caused the situation at ALS without anyone at ALS knowing about it, or being involved.
    THE SOLID PROOF we need to prove that the events at ALS were a criminal act will be introduced in the next segment of this investigation which closely examines the documents we are investigating.
    Nothing I have found so far clearly demonstrates a computer glitch caused the documents to be created on the wrong date. Everything I have found so far goes in the other direction, namely that the only logical answer is that the documents are real and mean exactly what they appear to mean.
    Yesterday I placed 3 exhibits on record record regarding CMI.
    To see the first exhibit CLICK HERE (from there you can scroll down to view the other 2)
    The exhibits paint a picture of CMI as specializing in providing Crisis Response Resources on a national scale. Their products range from online training for first responders, to providing information to schools nationwide regarding emergencies such as the Sandy Hook School Shootings (SHSS).
    CMI is physically located in Oregon. The fact that CMI made information regarding the SHSS available to a small school in rural Ohio suggests they probably have a contract with some organization such as DHS, FEMA, or National Board of Education, designed to help prepare schools for Emergencies.
    The amount of money to be made by CMI by individually contacting schools one at a time in order to sell them a few documents, every once in awhile, would be outstripped by the cost of making individual contact.
    The only way such an attempt would be financially worthwhile for CMI is if they had a contract with an umbrella organization that gave them assured access to many thousands of schools. IE… A contract with DHS or FEMA to distribute literature and services to all schools nationwide meant to prepare schools for catastrophes which DHS and FEMA are obligated by law to manage.
    To illustrate what is involved in undertaking such a contract I’ll give an example that is from my own experience.
    I have lived in Ocean Falls, which is in the Province of British Columbia,  Canada, for 8 years. For 2 of those years I was the administrator of the local government of the community. My office was in the local Courthouse.
    In British Columbia there is a public organization called Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) that among other things provides services such as CMI provides to Schools in the USA, to public bodies in BC.
    My office was one of probably tens of thousands in BC that PEP had to warn about impending crisis in a timely fashion. Events such as Tsunamis require warnings to be sent out in time to allow those endangered by the events to reach safe high ground before the disaster reaches their area.
    Time is of the essence with this type of information. If the information arrives too late, then it can’t help anyone.
    PEP does not have a bunch of people sitting in their office that individually call each organization they need to advise of danger, day or night. To take this approach would assure failure. What PEP has is a computer program that accesses a database, that has a record for each organization they need to contact in case they need to inform them of an emergency.
    The PEP record for the Ocean Falls Improvement District (OFID) would have their fax number, email address, CMS access information, if OFID had a CMS available.
    When a warning must be issued by PEP to the many organizations relying on them for timely warnings what happens at PEP headquarters is something like this.
    A single emergency operator creates one copy of the needed warning message and then enters it into the emergency warning program. The operator then presses one button and the program begins to contact each organization in the database in turn, much faster than any human could do. The program could easily process many warnings at the same time. The program knows what to send to each organization, fax, email, or automated news bulleting via CMS, according to information about their organization, located in their profile record in the database.
    If an organization only shows a fax number the program only sends a fax.
    If they have an email address they also send an email.
    I’ll deal with what happens if they have a CMS shortly.
    Fax machines are currently the model T’s of the communication’s industry. Most fax machines don’t physically exist anymore, they are now just a program on a computer. They weren’t very efficient for broadcasting a single message to many places, because the only time the faxed warning could be timely was when the receiving office was open, and someone was paying attention to the fax machine. Faxed warnings could sit for lengthy periods without anyone knowing they were there.
    Emailed warnings share the same flaw as fax machines; the email recipient must be aware of the email before it can be acted on. If the office is closed, the message would sit unread. If the recipient had a busy inbox the message could be overlooked for a period.
    Utilizing a Content Management System (CMS) at the receiving end of such messages assure 100%, night or day, whether anyone in the office is aware of the message or not, that the message will get out to where it is most needed without any intervention form the receiver’s personnel.
    The same program that sends faxes, and emails, can easily be designed to automatically create and publish news items with urgent warnings, at recipient offices, without intervention by any recipients.
    The RSS feed we know existed on the ALS site, because Jeremy told us about it, is fully capable of doing this.
    The RSS feed would immediately send a message to everyone subscribed to the Schools News Feed once a new news item is published. This would automatically occur night or day.
    Google subscribes to ALL RSS News Feeds so that it can place timely search records into their search engine allowing Google users to find listings regarding news events almost immediately.
    The same RSS notification sent to inform local Teachers, Parents, and Students, in Arlington Ohio, of an important news item being available, would also automatically notify Google at the same time.
    To demonstrate that what I am suggesting might have happened, is easily done, I will give you an simple example.
    There is free off the shelf software available, often described as “keyboard macros”, that allows any home computer user to automate any sequence of lengthy keystrokes they need to use regularly. After recording, or manually creating such a macro, a single click on an icon by them would then automatically feed the computer the sequence of keys they would normally need to push every time they need to do the same job. This saves a lot of time and effort. I use such macros regularly.
    With authorized access, as an author, to the news feed on the ALS website, I could create the a visually identical news message, to the one we are discussing, from scratch, with one click, from here in Ocean Falls on the ALS website in Arlington Ohio.
    CMI could easily do the same from their Office.
    All that would be required for me to do so is to have one training session on the site before creating the automatic the message. I would first log on to the ALS site from Ocean Falls, and manually step through the process of creating the message on the ALS site, while a macro recorder was making a record of every key I pressed during the process. The macro would include the words in the message.
    Once the training was complete, I could easily vary the message being broadcast, to refer to other events, by stripping out the words of the message leaving behind a spot where I could place any other message.
    What the CMS warning capable software does is a step up from this. The same message could be sent to many different places/schools that have a CMS. Although the message is identical in all cases, the templates on the local schools websites used to create news items, would assure the message was customized to show it came from that individual school. IE…. Arlington Schools messages would Say Arlington Schools, Salem School messages would say Salem Schools.
    The warning broadcast program record, for each school, would hold several pieces of information regarding their specific CMS.
    This information would vary slightly for each school. The information would identify what was needed to create an automated news message at that specific location. This information is similar to identifying how to reach that recipient by fax number or email address.
    The CMS broadcast program would isolate the needed key strokes needed to create the message, from the contents of the message.
    The single new message the emergency operator creates for a specific emergency would automatically be added to the keystrokes customized for each CMS recipient , so many different messages could be sent with only one recorded set of keystrokes.
    PEP is forever sending out test messages to see if everyone responds in order to discover if they need to notify anyone that PEP can no longer reach them.
    To enable such tests, and to allow the contact program to send messages to everyone,or subsets, down to individual recipients, the program would allow the operator to select subsets of recipients for test, or other purposes.
    IE… A tsunami warning would not normally need to be sent to communities located in the Rocky Mountains.
    IE… In order to test if the keystroke string sending the CMS message to a specific site is correct, (each CMS is likely slightly different), the operator at CMI would need to be able to send test messages to just a single site. They would do this at least once for every site, and probably retest the process at intervals to assure the site had not changed, meaning the message would no longer get through.
    The above broadcast programs are state of the art, and highly automated.
    The programs are very powerful when used correctly, but because of their nature, simple mistakes or accidental actions by the operator can have massive repercussions. Coughing at the wrong time, causing the operator to reflexively click the send  to everyone button, or only to one message recipient, could easily result in a currently private message, about to be published, to be actually published before it was meant to be. RSS notifications would then immediately propagate out all the way through to Google’s search engine, all with one keystroke/mouse click.
    I suspect this is likely what happened at CMI.
    We don’t need to prove that right now, only show it is possible.
    IF we prove the documents are authentic, THEN we can backtrack and examine CMI more carefully.
    Does the above seem plausible to you?
    This is probably the last comment you will see from me today. See you tomorrow.

    • Peter,
      In this latest missive, you say you set out to achieve this objective:
      “What I will do in this post is show you how they [CMI] could have caused the situation at ALS without anyone at ALS knowing about it, or being involved.”
      You’ve achieved your objective: clearly, systematically, and persuasively.
      Thank you!

  18. Good day.
    I have one more piece of information regarding Crisis Management Institute to add here before moving on to examining the documents we are all interested in.
    After my post yesterday about using keyboard macros as a way to automatically submit documents to CMS systems, I realize I was already using free software capable of doing this in a much simpler way. CMI could easily do the same thing.
    Here I will only summarize this process.
    To view a fuller description of the process, including some screenshots CLICK HERE
    Using a free software tool, either within a news broadcasting program as described above, if you had a very large clientele, or using the tool standalone, if your clientele was less than a few hundred, you could accomplish the same thing as keyboard macros are capable of with much less effort involved.
    My link to the internet is by satellite and it is often slow. I publish to a number of blogs and forums and doing so, in the normal manner of creating documents on the blog itself, is often frustrating for me as page refreshes regularly stall because of the bad internet connection. This situation prompted me to see if there was a solution allowing me to publish documents offline and then only submitting completed documents to blogs.
    I discovered there are many such tools, some of which are free.
    I tried a few and settled on a free program developed by Microsoft called, “Windows Live Writer (WLW)”.
    This program can automatically publish to a wide variety of CMS systems, including WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and more. SpireCMS should not pose a problem to it.
    To use the program you first need to configure it. The most important configuration step is building a profile for each CMS you desire to publish to. All you need to tell WLW is 3 things. Where the site is on the internet, your user name on the site, and your password.
    Once you do that the program automatically visits the site, log’s on as you, and gathers all the information you have access to on that site. This information is stored in a profile record for that specific site.
    That profile allows you to do everything you could on the blog itself, within WLW on your computer without ever going to the Blog.
    All the settings for a document being edited on the blog itself can also be done from within WLW on your computer without going to the blog.
    The site profile includes information such as a list of all areas on the blog you are authorized to publish in. In the case of CMI and ALS this list would include “NEWS”. Placing a simple checkmark next to [NEWS] within WLW would let the program know to automatically place the item in the [NEWS] area of ALS once you are finished composing it on your own computer.
    When you have finished work on the document, you have 2 choices regarding how to send it automatically to the blog you want to submit to.
    1) clicking the [Post draft to blog]  button automatically places the document, including any resources added to the document ,such as pictures or pdf files , in  the right place on the Blog. Draft means the document is not yet visible to visitors of the blog. Until you change the document’s status from draft to public, it is only visible to yourself, editors, and admins.
    You can later go to the blog and continue editing the document there. Once you are satisfied, you can change the document’s status from Draft to Public and everyone will then be able to see it.
    2) instead clicking the [Publish] button automatically places the document in the right place on the Blog. The document immediately becomes visible to everyone. As an author you can complete the whole publishing cycle without ever actually visiting the site.
    IF CMI was using WLW to publish the news item we are investigating to the ALS site. Accidentally clicking [Publish] instead of [Post draft to blog] ,these two buttons are within 1/2 an inch of each other on the WLW screen, would immediately send out a RSS record notifying all those Students, Parentsand Teachers subscribed to the NEWS feed at ALS that a new news item was available. The same RSS notification would also get to the Google and other search engines, as stated by Jeremy, “normally within 24 hours”.
    CMI using a tool such as WLW to compose the news item we are investigating at ALS, would explain how one easy to make, wrong mouse click, by the author, caused the records we are examining to be found in the Google and WayBack Machine Archives.

  19. I have placed a new Exhibit into the Investigation in preparation to dispute another statement of Jeremy’s.
    To view the new exhibit CLICK HERE
    I need to deal with some local stuff for a few hours but will post the material regarding another of Jeremy’s statements later today.
    Tomorrow we will move on to examining the documents themselves.
    See you later.

    • Wow, Peter. What you’ve shown is very convincing evidence that the Arlington Local Schools website “Arlington Red Devils” (what you call ALS) indeed had published Crisis Management Institute’s pdf document on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook, on Dec. 10, 2012.
      Impressive forensics work, Peter. Well done!
      I encourage FOTM readers to read for yourself what Peter has laid out:

      • 🙂 Almost correct Dr Eowyn but this is not yet solid proof.
        The last item in the exhibit is not of the database itself, it is only a visual description of what the ALS site sitemap.xml file stated on Dec 29, 2012.
        There are more steps needed to cross corroborate that the interpretation I presented is accurate.

  20. Still working on local stuff. Will finish response to Jeremy tomorrow

  21. Dr. Eowyn, I thought you might be interested in this article if you have not already seen it. It contains lots of information. Be sure to read the information revieled in the comments. UNBELIEVEABLE!
    Thanks for everything you are doing here.

    • Thank you, Kathy! Another commenter several days ago had alerted us to that thread, although I haven’t seen the more recent comments. The closed-mouth reaction the couple received to their questions from the police and the local paper, Newtown Bee, is fascinating. Even more interesting are the diners’ reaction to the couples’ inquiring about Newtown having a reputation as a Satanic hub! — which I will address in my next post on the Sandy Hook massacre.
      Your kind words about FOTM are much appreciated. God bless you! ♥

    • Kathy… Thank you very much for the link to that interesting information. It shows further evidence that the events at Sandy Hook are not what the mass media want us to believe.
      There is much other suggestive evidence similar to it.
      So far, in my estimation, the only evidence with any hope of proving 100% that there was a false flag event at Sandy Hook, is the material I am examining here.
      If I can prove 100% that the Arlington School Documents were created before Dec 14th, that will help validate all the other suspicious occurrences surrounding the Sandy Hook Shootings.
      I am still hard at work attempting to do that.
      The investigation needs to be extremely thorough and takes a lot of time. It’s beginning to appear endless to me, but that is a misperception. I believe I am within a couple of days of presenting everything needed for absolute proof, one way or the other.
      Earlier on I said I would create a series of polls regarding each piece of evidence as I went along. I haven’t done that yet as doing so is distracting to me and takes time. I decided it was more important to present the evidence as quickly as possible. I will still create the polls once I finish placing all the evidence on the table. Then everyone can vote their opinion on each aspect. People can then also easily discuss any single aspect of the investigation in its own thread. People will also be able to vote in an overall poll which will show how many people think Sandy Hook was a false flag.

  22. we were having a drill.

  23. Hello…. I have the whole day today to work on this. So far I have created another Exhibit.
    To view the new Exhibit CLICK HERE
    The exhibit is to be introduced in my response to Jeremy later today regarding his say that someone at Arlington Local Schools ()ALS created the document in question on December 17th, 2012 and then back-dated it so it would display properly.
    The exhibit consists of a series of links, and their results, that I created in order to check to see in any such document, without a published date of Dec 10,2012 or PERMALINK including /2012/12/10/ (ie… instead /2012/12/17/) was available in either The Google or WayBack Machine (WBM) Archive. I checked all dates from December 10th, 2012 to December 20th, 2012. There were no positive returns at any date other than Dec 10th 2012.
    The WBM search added one interesting piece of information. Someone at ALS deleted the document showing the Dec 10th date, from their website on January 15, 16, or 17th. The WBM found the document on 5 times on 4 different dates before January 15th.
    I’m now starting on my response to Jeremy.

  24. I have now responded to all the points Jeremy made in his opening statement. His other comments are just repeats of what he stated there. Some of his points will come up again in the next stage of the investigation and will be answered in more detail then.
    To view my responses to Jeremy CLICK HERE
    There are no new revelations there, this just tied up loose ends.
    I am now starting work on the last segment of the Investigation. It is an in depth analysis of the documents themselves.
    This thread is getting long so the last stage will start in a new thread with an article by myself pointing out the anomalies in the documents and explaining what technically caused them. Unless I am mistaken, my explanation will allow us to determine the truth in this matter. Once the article is up I will welcome anyone to prove me wrong.
    I am not going to be able to finish the article this evening so it will be put up by Dr Eowyn sometime tomorrow, probably later in the day.
    See you then.

    • Thank you, Peter, for your meticulous and scrupulous thoroughness, which such a forensics investigation requires. I look forward to putting up a new post/thread containing your forthcoming article, which will be the last stage in your examination.

  25. Everyone seems to be forgetting that I was the one who helped Cheri upload this document on the 14th to the CMI website…. So there’s NO WAY that the Arlington site could have posted about it until after either WE had posted it on the current events page OR someone at that school received our Constant Contact email blast (and I’m pretty sure that Cheri sent the blast out after she had the PDF up on the site).
    (By the way, I’ve not been checking this thread/site for a while because I was busy having our first baby, or rather, my wife was and I was helping, lol)
    That said, someone out there found my personal cell number and called me the other day regarding this – and that made my wife a bit uneasy so I am here to hopefully, finally put this to bed. (as far as CMI goes, I have no idea about the fundraiser and other sites)
    1. Sometime on the 14th Cheri wrote content about Sandy Hook on our Current Events page and uploaded the PDF in question (using one of the 3 different ways she can do this within the page editor and she must hae chosen the one that has a quirk when used in this way to make a simple link to a file, the user has to click on it once, then is shown a page with just a link to that file on it, after clicking on that link, you finally get the file.
    (I tried just now to reproduce this, but since we are now running WordPress 3.5.1 it doesn’t work the same anymore.)
    2. Cheri emails me later that day to ask if I can “fix” that. You can see that in the top part of this graphic, a screenshot I just took of my email from that day.
    (Note that I put this file in the same directory that is in question, just for fun at this point)
    What I did was download the file from the site myself, opened up Filezilla (FTP client), used the quick connect (remembered server logins) feature which took me to the last place I navigated to, and just dragged the file into that directory, which uploaded it to wp-content/uploads/2012/10/. That is the October directory that was auto created back the, by the way, nothing to do with “Dec 10th”. (This you can see in the lower part of the graphic I just made at the link above.)
    I then would have manually edited the Current Events page link to reflect this URL.
    All of the stuff about the red devil’s site, you’ll have to refer to Jeremy, who I think has been very helpful – and both of us (the technical ends of CMI and Arlington) have done more than we think is necessary to explain this event.
    One other note I’d like to make is at the top of the original post on this site, you claim that Cheri “posted an essay” on that anti-gun site… well.. she didn’t, it’s a very obvious cut and paste from our content into their site. It has nothing to do with us, and we gave them no permission to do so, and if you read it it’s not really anti-gun as far as I can tell. I don’t pretend to know Cheri’s stance on guns, I’ve never asked her actually. But I would never call her the B word, she is a really nice person! Promise! And myself I am a gun owner and occasional IPSC match shooter.
    We’ve never had any access via other people’s CMS’s, RSS feeds or other means of electronic communication to any other websites, networks or otherwise.
    I am not sure what else to say, except that as far as at least I am concerned, I’d really like myself and the CMI website to be cleared of this.

    • Thank you, Brant — and congratulations on the new addition to the family! 😀

    • Brant, congrat’s on the baby. Umm get ready for an experiment in sleep deprivation. LOL You’ll survive. Only to have them grow into teenagers
      Aghhh. Mine just turned 13.
      May God Bless You and your Wife and this special Gift from God. 😀

      • Oh man.. don’t say the “T” word! I’ve got some time right??? (That’s what I thought 9 mos ago too.. lots of time.. nope! Flew by!)
        Thank you Steve, and the same to you and yours.

  26. Thanks! She is quite the life changing event! (and sleep destroyer!) 😉

  27. Hi…. I’m writing to you from a laptop.
    I was tired when I finished last night and forgot to take my computer offline for the night.
    I leave my computer on 24/7 during the winter because I do not heat my house. During the winter most of the time my house stays just a degree or two above freezing.
    In these temperatures if I turn my computer off overnight it is very hard on it when it starts up. All the fans and moving parts really grind when it is first turned on.
    I usually just turn off the screens and take the computer offline for safety.
    Last night my operating system was trashed even worse than the 2 times before during this conversation. It will probably take me at least all of the day today to recover.
    My system drive is a relatively small SSD drive and only takes about half an hour to recover from a backup copy. This is what was trashed before so it didn’t take me long to be running again.
    There are 3 more very large drives attached to my system. All my data is kept on these – 2 terabyte drives. Two of these drives totaling 4 terabytes were trashed last night.
    Programs such as my email and programming tools store the information they need to start up on these drives. All the resources such as graphics are also kept there.
    This time my system drive was left alone but 2 of the 2 terabyte drives had their indexes destroyed to the point where even recovery tools won’t fix them.
    I backup these drives once a week so I can recover them, while only losing a few days of data. However because they are so large, it will take at least a whole day to put the backups back on the drives.
    I am still trying to recover the MasterBootRecords and indexes of the drives but have little hope at this point this will succeed.. If I succeed then I’ll be back sooner. If not it will be sometime tomorrow before I can continue.
    I’ll keep you informed how my recovery is progressing.

  28. @ Peter – While I don’t know why you want to not heat your house…. One client of mine was bringing her laptop in to me with bad drives every couple of months. I didn’t know what was really going on until I spotted something that looked like water damage, I asked her if she’d spilled anything on the machine, she said no but “in the morning you know how everything is dripping from the dew?”
    Flabbergasted, I asked if she left the laptop outside or something, but she said “no, but I don’t heat the house because I leave both doors open for the dogs to come in and out”. Amazing. She does live out in the most rural of areas though. Even so…. condensation might be your enemy. Leaving it on would help as you say though, since it’d stay warmer, but hopefully your humidity levels are low wherever you are, otherwise hot and cold extremes together can and will cause condensation. Just something to consider.
    Can’t really say I am looking forward to your further inquires, but I do hope you get back up.

    • Hi Brant….
      I’m killing time while repair routines are trying to recover my drives.
      Congratulations on the baby!
      If CMI did nothing wrong then I am convinced my investigation will show that conclusively. I haven’t yet ruled out other possibilities.
      I ran a computer support company for institutional clients for 12 years. Though retired now, wherever I am I’m the guy people go to to fix their computer whenever things go catastrophically wrong. If I can’t fix my own computer there’s pretty much no one else for me to turn to.
      RE Not heating my house… for pretty well my whole life I have tried to acclimatize myself to the natural climate wherever I happened to be living.
      The artificial climate within most people’s homes disconnects them from their environment which can be very destructive to people IF they can no longer afford to maintain the climate they are used to, or circumstances destroy their artificial environment.
      I have managed to adapt quite well to a wide range of different climates ranging from desert in Mexico to the Yukon in the north. I am just as comfortable in my chosen environment as most people are in their artificial ones.
      Even though it won’t run yet, I’ve just managed to get into the most important drive at the system level. I’m now going to backup the important files that have changed since my last backup before attempting further repairs or restoring from a backup.
      Diagnostics and repairs on 2 terabyte drives take forever because they are so large.
      Back soon.

      • Thank you Peter.
        My day job (I host a few site and do web work on the side) is as an IT Sysadmin, so I know a few things too. It just seemed that if you had 2x 2TB drives fail at the same time (unless a RAID controller took them out or similar) then it was probably environmental. That was just my feeling and experience. You might want to look at a RAID array or NAS box if you haven’t already – that way you can run just the SSD for your system drive and your files can live on the NAS, nice and protected, and it can run 24/7 too.
        You can enable 1 or 2 drive protection, and even while rebuilding, your data remains accessible.
        A Synology box filled with WD Red drives sounds like it’d be most helpful to your situation! And, you can use the existing 2x 2TB drives in external cases to hook up directly to the NAS to perform backups of the array.
        I use a ds411+, a ds412, and a ds1812+ (8 bays!) at home and at work, and they are super awesome and reliable. I have the ds411 backup using rsync to the ds412 every night over the internet for offsite backups. (encrypted transfer of course).
        Check ’em out? 🙂

        • I am on a limited budget.
          I also have 3 drive bays for swapable drives. In total I have just under 10TB of data files that I need to access regularly. Individual files I work with are usually 2 to 3 gb so I need a huge amount of space.
          A raid would be great but I’d need about 30tb of disk space to implement one. I can’t afford it.
          I am also hesitant about recovery of stripped files. Without raid I at least know where stuff was.
          The last time I had a system failure, before the 3 I’ve had since entering this conversation, was well over a year ago. Usually it’s 2 or 3 years between failures on my system. I’m still running the original install of W7 (upgraded) from years ago when I upgraded from XP to W7 when w7 first came out.
          My system runs real time diagnostics on the hard drives.
          It’s now looking hopeful I can recover the drives rather than restoring them.
          Still hard at it.

        • The only available internet link out of this remote location is via satellite and satellite is way too slow and expensive for offsite backup. 🙁
          I’d love to have all that gear but have other budget priorities that are way higher up on my list.
          I try to live cheaply enough so that I do not need to contribute income taxes to the governments that are destroying us. Even though I earn little enough to not owe any income tax, I refuse to file tax returns on principle. I am in a running battle with Revenue Canada. So far over many years it’s been a stalemate. I’ve had to walk away from everything once but the government didn’t get a penny of what they claimed I owed them. I’ll probably need to do the same again.
          For the above reason I do almost all my work for free. My total monthly cost of living for everything, including food, communications, transportation, and property taxes, which I do pay, averages $350.00 a month. I live very well, and live in a great place.

  29. OK I’m back on my main machine.
    After copying everything off the damaged drives that wasn’t backed up, in case an attempted repair made things worse instead of better, it only took about 30 seconds to repair the drives by restoring copies of their MBR.
    The system is happy now and after a short break to calm my nerves I’ll be back at the investigation.
    Sorry for the delay.

  30. I have created another exhibit meant to make examining the 2 Google Cache Records closely easier.
    To view the exhibit CLICK HERE
    I’m going to take a break to cook myself some diner and then later work on the article that will start the Document Section of this Investigation. The article will itemize step by step how I will proceed in this section, and also summarize what I will attempt to prove.

    • I have looked through your exhibit, and you make many assumptions about how SpireCMS works with no way to know if you are correct or not.
      You also claim that:
      “For some unknown reason Google removed the Dec 10th page from their cache on Jan 23, 2013.
      That Google removed a page out of their archive is highly unusual, possibly even unprecedented.”
      But it isn’t unusual or unprecedented:
      “When a page is updated or removed, it will automatically fall out of our search results. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen.”
      I haven’t seen a Google Cache or Wayback screenshot or link yet that shows the article on Arlington’s site showing the Dec 10th text with a capture date before the 14th. Show me that if I’ve missed it somehow.
      Google Cache links are all over your exhibit like this:
      and then you modify the date in the URL to “search” those dates in the Google Cache, but that’s not how Google Cache works. You can only view a google cache entry for a given URL at the one point in time (only the last time Google decided to cache it, there is no way to view multiple caches in time for the same URL) and it is intended for if the site goes down or the page is removed, but only for a short time as stated by Google and I copied and pasted above.
      Google only caches each page once at a time, and by changing those dates you are forcing it to look for a cached version of pages that never existed.
      All that stuff at the top of your previous exhibit explaining how WLW works and how an author can blog to multiple platforms at once… well.. sure.. that is what WLW and others are designed to do. The problem is that we (CMI) have no access to any other site, Arlington or otherwise, no logins, no credentials, no access at all. CMI is just Cheri (nice as she is, I spend a lot of time explaining technical concepts to her), an office assistant, and me (and all I do is the web stuff and be her tech support). We are not a large, national organization, we have no means of syndicating or submitting our content to anywhere, outside of people copying it off our site or our Constant Contact email list. I am not sure how to “prove” this to you, but there it is.

  31. I created a set of examples:
    to illustrate several data field(s) for the date in question. Putting in the correct date for such an important News item seems quite simple… correcting the wrong date is also quite simple and yet, this simple error was wrong twice?
    The example (3a) shows a simple addition “note date” to the up-load date line[another client of the CMI] showing where in the code(3) this ref. is made and the resulting change to the page itself. Clearly, without actual site permission no outside edit is allowable. I was unable to find a clear code/path for why changing the data fields in question have any relation to a Google URL mistake…?
    Perhaps a more knowledgeable poster can explain why one has anything to do with the other? Making a typo on the news flash title date does not seem to be the reason for the URL date itself. The pdf creation date is not reflected in the news release code and is not in contention. Hopefully, these page-shots will help clarify the actual issue at hand.

    • J.D. :
      The “note date” field you are seeing is part of the XML attribute spec and yes, would be edited completely by the CMS controlling the site content. The upload dates of the file (in this case 3 different times on Dec 17th) are not editable.
      I would like everyone to note the upload dates/times of OUR upload of the PDF too, since it is on the 14th:
      Also, to Peter, who was saying that permalinks couldn’t be changed after publishing.. they certainly can. It is an option by default on a any installation of WordPress. See my example here, I started a new page and clicked edit next to the permalink. Can do that at any time.

    • Oh and also, “[another client of the CMI]” is false, they simply copied and pasted our content from our site or email blast to their site – again, CMI has no contracts or affiliations with any other site.

  32. Another morning and back on my laptop. Again trying to recover my main machine. I ran a whole bunch of different malware and virus scans on it last night before quitting for the night. System came up clean.
    I spent most of the evening creating graphics for this presentation. Like an idiot I placed them where I usually do, the drive that is acting up. They address things like the point Brant is making about wordpress allowing you to change the permalink of an article. On the surface he is right, Derrick raised the same point.
    The quick explanation I give below will go over most people’s heads but Brant and Derrick will understand what it means. Once I am running again I will explain and illustrate it in simple enough terms that everyone can understand it.
    The way WP allows a user to change the permalink of a news item is that every time the user makes a revision to a news item WP automatically makes a duplicate record of the news item, which is a new record in the database. IF the revision was to change the published date then the new record uses that date for the new permalink.
    The user does not know there is a new record in the database with a different permalink, to the user it appears the news item they are working on changed it’s permalink. The new version of the news item seen on the screen is identical to the old one except for the revisions made.
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the editor page in WP you will see a list of links for all revisions for that news item. Selecting the first one will change the permalink back to the original. Selecting the most recent will change the permalink to the modified published date.
    The two cache records from google show SpireCMS does not have this ability.
    Within SpireCMS changing the published date only changes the published date not the permaliink. This is probably because SpireCMS does not keep revisions of news items. Any changes made are applied to the original record. No new record allowing for a new permalink is created when editing SpireCMS news items.
    The SpireCMS way of dealing with news items is much cleaner than WP. WP causes problems for search engines and archives.
    I also created illustrations regarding how the date used in an item’s permalink andv published date are determined. There are some surprises there as well.
    Anyway I hope to be running in an hour or so and will give a convincing demonstration that what I say above is true.

    • But the WP revisions feature store those past changes in the SQL database, not visible to web visitors or Google Cache.
      Also, once a permalink has been changed via the WP Edit page for that page or post, it is changed for good and the old permalink no longer works, it results in a 404 page not found, as it should.
      Restoring to a previous revision restores the content and the title of the page, but the permalink is NOT part of the revision saving feature.
      I JUST tested this out to confirm.

      • I’m back on my main machine. I’ll quickly answer these questions here and then prepare the simplified illustrated article version of this so everyone can understand what we are talking about.
        In order to get rid of the 404 error you need to select the revision for editing. and then republish it. You may need to flush your disk cache. But going to the news stream again will show the revised permalink. You can switch back and forth as many times as you like.
        In WP there can be many different versions/records of a single article. The way the code knows which version to display is a flag set in the records in the database. At any one time only the version with a “public” flag and a “published date” less than or equal to “today” will appear in the news stream. Only one version of a ‘published’ article will be set “public” at any given time.

        • Or, in case I am not allowed to embed:

          • I can tell from the permalink in the test that you performed the test on a WordPress Page not a wordpress post because it does not have a date embedded
            in the permalink.
            The news feed at Arlington Schools Website is composed of posts not pages. WordPress treats posts and pages very differently for a very specific reason I will explain later.
            Try the same test with a post instead. You will find it acts very differently than a page.

            • I will, but keep in mind that:
              A. You can define any structure you want for permalinks in WP in settings.
              B. SpireCMS is not WordPress…

              • So, as I just tested for myself, see the link below as proof… WordPress, upon changing a permalink on a POST, will remember the previously assigned permalinks and redirect to the current version of the post. The date shown as the post publish date though, can of course be chosen by the user and has no effect on the URL. I prove this by not having my permalink structure auto named based on date but on page title.

                • This test is still not valid. The news feed at ALS uses dates in the url not names. To do the test properly you need to use a date based permalink.

                  • My challenge to you when using a date based url is to created a document where the url says one date and the published date says a different one. I couldn’t do it, perhaps you can?
                    Yes in WP you can change the format of how dates display in the url but you cannot change the way they function.
                    I’m going to continue on with the article now.

    • The most important point to add to the above.
      Even if the published date is changed on a SpireCMS news item, the permalink will ALWAYS show the date the item was entered into the database.
      The next step is to prove that /2012/12/10/ could only have been created on that date. I have convincing evidence that is true.

      • I am just curious to know how you can possibly claim this to be true without knowledge beyond what Jeremy told you of SpireCMS, a proprietary system that, in truth, could operate in any number of ways none of us is privy to.

        • If you examine the 2 Google Cache records, Dec 10, 2012 and Dec 13, 2012, closely you will discover they allow SpireCMS to do something that WP doesn’t.
          I spent about two hours in WordPress trying in many different ways to duplicate what we see in these two records. It can’t be done in WordPress.
          Unless google cache records lie it can only mean one thing. That in SpireCMS the permalink always stays at the creation date of the item, even if the published date is changed.
          To compare the 2 cache records easily CLICK HERE
          I’m at work on the Article. It will illustrate the above and additional details clearly. There are many details surrounding the above phenomena that corroborate my conclusion is valid.
          I need to run the ramp for a ferry shortly but will be back after that.

  33. So what you are saying is that you base your accusation on your position that: “in SpireCMS the permalink always stays at the creation date of the item, even if the published date is changed.”
    and from your bolded statement a few comments up:
    “Even if the published date is changed on a SpireCMS news item, the permalink will ALWAYS show the date the item was entered into the database.”
    Well, it’s not the case. The owner of SpireCMS has already explained how this works. It explains also your screenshots from Google Cache.
    Here was where he explained how it works:
    Key quote by the creator of SpireCMS:
    “Also, the URL is dynamically generated based on the date they choose. Changing the date later creates a new URL with a new date, but it always keeps the old URL in tact so that changes to titles and dates don’t result in broken links & 404 errors.”
    And later, he said it again in this video:
    And finally, here’s the comment he posted a challenge to you, Peter, and offered to publicly test it out for all to see, and you to experience:
    You ignored this challenge… and then later said you didn’t think it would prove anything. But now you are basing your points on things the challenge would have dis-proven.

    • Brant you mis-read Jeremy’s statement. That is not surprising because the statement is pretty confusing.
      Jeremy is actually confirming what I said.
      The way wordpress deals with posts causes 404 errors in search engines for search records created before the post is edited. Jeremy’s way of doing it doesn’t. That is because the permalink doesn’t change even when the published date does.
      * Jeremy offered to do the same test as you just performed while using a page not a post. Such a test is like comparing apples and oranges and is useless.

  34. I’ll agree that changing the “publish date” changes only the date on the post itself, under the title, and the permalink wouldn’t change unless changed by the editing user. as I demonstrated here:
    But Jeremy is saying that under SpireCMS, it DOES.
    In other words, under his system, changing the date also changes the permalink URL structure (but redirects from old URL structures used previously), but under WordPress, they are 2 separate things.

  35. Looks like I re-joined the party with perfect timing! 🙂
    Earlier today, Peter said:
    *”Even if the published date is changed on a SpireCMS news item, the permalink will ALWAYS show the date the item was entered into the database.”*
    The video I just created will prove Peter’s statement to be FALSE.
    I just created this video showing how POSTS work in SpireCMS. The only difference between my site and Arlington is that they call it “News,” and we call it “Blogs.” It uses the exact same panel, we just change the naming scheme in the CMS, and one word in the URL based on the preferences of each client — and how they intend to use their content.
    So here it is — a video of the experiment I offered to do for Peter in January, but he didn’t take me up on it. Enjoy.
    Signing off. For the record, I remain un-subscribed to comments on this website.

    • Thanks Jeremy! (even if you don’t see this!)

      • Thank you both, Jeremy and Brant. Jeremy, my only criticism of your video is that you didn’t sign off with “the defense rests!” 🙂 And thanks to you, Dr. Eowyn, for your perseverance and commitment to finding the truth.

  36. First of all let me be quite clear I am not accusing the site in question or Mr. Walsh or Jeremy of any wrong doing…. furthermore, the only individual who can answer the simple question of WHY the post date for this single news post was pre-dated to the actual event is not speaking for himself/herself as the case may be…. so anyone speaking for them results in hearsay. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the answers as given to help me understand what simple process went sideways in regards to the posting date of the news blast post.
    The site map:
    I tried to find an example of what was referenced as a problem. Lots of examples of future post dating for the calendar/sports activities… and this one which shows no difference in dates between posting or date title. 60% Monthly 2013-01-06 09:15
    and here:
    The page here shows several news items, including the jan. 6th 2013 posting:
    This page shows no difference in title date or URL date:
    The challenge given was to find a single ref. to a cached page disproving the answer given for the mix-up. This is a clever argument which puts the burden of proving a negative— show a cached/date which does not exist to prove the one that does is wrong…. a better example is showing a single page on the “published” news feed which demonstrates the “problem” the school site users were having and the solution(workaround hack) as a result of the problem. I found no example, but I can only find something which exists to be found.
    On Jan 8th the “WayBack crawler” shows us that the dates under the titles were the same in the URL. So the problem with back-dating a news feed… was this corrected by this time? If so, how was it fixed without also fixing the wrong date and URL for the dec. 10th pages in question? If it was not fixed, then only the dec 10th page was a “problem” as it was clearly never fixed to show the actual posting date of dec 14th?
    If there is no example of a “hacked news date” then there is no proof such a hack exists at all and we are right back to the original incongruity… the news page was crawled by to separate systems… both showing the same information— strong evidence— no proof a hack was ever needed(the site users or admin never contacted the web hosting pro’s to fix the glitch[ which is what they are payed to do]… right?) or a single example of the hack’s success— weak argument—- usually means prison time.
    All I am pointing out is that in an actual courtroom the guys here are doing a good job, but the fact remains this is still one very weird incongruity and the explanation for the UN-demonstrated problem and nonexistent solution does not add up to a good defense.

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