How to handle a telemarketer

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H/t FOTM’s WildBillAlaska

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0 responses to “How to handle a telemarketer

  1. Now THAT was a great start to my day, and rather inspirational in its own way! If I’m successful, I’ll get back to you on that….

  2. Now that was funny. What I do is ask them to hold on a second. I then just put phone on the counter and go about my biz.
    I often wonder how long they hang on. LOL
    That has got to be one tough job. I know we think it’s annoying, but I feel bad for the poor girl/guy who has to do it. I mean they could be out hitting people over the head and just taking their money.
    Try and remember that and not be mean to them. Either have some fun or just say no thanks.
    Better yet register your phone “line on do not call list”. It does really cut down the number of calls.

    • Yep good ole Roy D Mercer… Ya should hear the one about when his dog got into his Viagra… I like to speak Klingon, that really throws them for a loop or say, ‘hey you sound really sexy… what are ya wearing…’

  3. Utterly fantastic . Poor Mike didn’t know what the hell hit him .

  4. That is the most fantastic find! I have listened twice now, and I still can’t stop laughing. You certainly made my day.

  5. Reblogged this on just another day in paradise and commented:
    This is reblog from fellowship of the minds. What a hoot!!!

  6. One of the best ones I’ve heard in a while, thanks so much for making me laugh today, I really, really needed a good one…
    FOTM’ers, I would appreciate your prayers right now, so much is going wrong…

  7. Thanks Dr. Eowyn,
    After Kelleigh’s chilling Agenda 21 article I needed a laugh.

  8. This is so funny! I have actually listened to it probably ten times now over the space of a week. I still laugh as hard as the first time I heard it. It’s really great! What a fabulous find!


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