How to Choose a Dog

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Are you having a bad day?
Watch this. Simply adorable!

Adopt an unwanted pet. Please….
H/t my dear friend Bill  😀

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  1. Woof! So why was Harvey still in there?

  2. I’ve got my hands full taking care of two neighborhood stray cats (well, one’s still a stray; the other has over the last 2 months become our cat; she’s in, and that’s that). But I did donate $40 to an animal shelter near where I live that I know doesn’t euthanize unless the animal has no hope, physically.
    My dog died a year and one month ago, and I just don’t have the heart to have another. She was the end of the line as far as dogs go, for me. I can’t bear to love another–mainly because I can’t bear to be disloyal to her memory. I loved her too much, I guess. All dogs remind me of her.

  3. Thank you Eowyn. Personally, I never really trust anyone who doesn’t at least love dogs (there seem to be some dog lovers who don’t care for cats, and that’s ok (although I love both)–but if you have a hate on for pooches, then something isn’t right in the head.)
    Somehow in Internet surfing, Eowyn, I revisited this site after posting comments months ago about the GZ Mozque travesty. I saw your nice comment and then wished I’d followed up more, to let you all know how things were at both protests. It’s not currently topical, but you can be sure that if it looks like the project ever starts moving, New Yorkers of good will and sane minds will be there, myself included, and this time I’ll be more than a drive-by post.
    By the way, this video is adorable.
    ANYWAY, I clicked your name and discovered this post, and I realized I could comment on it with some of what’s been going with me, animal-wise.

    • Van,
      How we treat animals is an important indicator of our moral character, specifically whether we are empathic. There is a reason why serial killers abused-killed animals in their childhood and teen years before they “graduate” on to killing humans!
      A warm and enthusiastic re-welcome to our Fellowship! 😀


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