How to brainwash America

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H/t FOTM’s moxielouise

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    How to brainwash America

  2. Wow, that about sums it up. I love the guy’s cynical Russky humor and bemusement of it all. “Lined up against the wall and shot…..” jeez-Louise….just so matter of fact. And we certainly are in crisis mode, and have been for a lot longer than six weeks. It’s even scarier to realize this was filmed 27 years ago. We’ve got several layers of primer on us, so to speak…..

  3. BritCapitalist

    “Bezmenov stated that he was also instructed not to waste time with idealistic Leftists, as these would become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial when they realized the true nature of Soviet Communism. To his surprise, he discovered that many such were listed for execution once the Soviets achieved control. Instead, Bezmenov was encouraged to recruit such persons as were in large circulation, established conservative media, rich filmmakers, intellectuals in academic circles, and cynical, ego-centric people who lacked moral principles”.
    More Bezmenov in depth >

  4. The useful tools here in the US think they will live hunky dory in that utopian world that whirls in their fantasy. HA! boy are they ever in for a surprise. Once their usefulness is over, they will be the first to go. It won’t be us average Joes and Janes down here in reality land, it will be those idiots who drove this sh///////// for their masters. Then they’ll get around to the rest of us who dissent.

  5. Dave McMullen

    I doubt the liberal professors in our universities would believe him at all..They may be the most brain washed of all.They should pick up a history book and do some reading.

  6. Liberals are the Patsy’s of the dark side of the force. The best way to identify a hard core liberal is to discern first the love of God and his son Jesus in them. If they do not have that then they are not worth the time to converse with them. You would be wasting your breath. Deception is an art but men are deceived without the love of Christ. He is the key and the holy ghost is the helper. Without these men have failed.

  7. I can remember when this first came out…Marlin Maddox
    and Point of View…..still applies as we enter the crisis stage.
    ‘hard to believe I’ve been trying to convince folks for that long


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