Personal Safety Tips in an Urban Environment

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Good tips on how to secure your personal safety in a city, from Stratfor’s Vice President of Intelligence & former special agent Fred Burton.
Although Burton says many of the same things that our Steve has written (see his “Steve’s Security” page), this video is a refresher course.
Click here to watch the video.

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2 responses to “Personal Safety Tips in an Urban Environment

  1. Situational awareness: they say there are three state/conditions Red ,Yellow and my usual green/happy place 🙂 ) but when out in public ,in these times when there are more and more desperate people, stay in yellow until you are home and can put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea….and please use condition red when you drive (ie:drive defensively) and don’t give way to complacency…you’re piloting a 1-2 ton lethal weapon.
    Be safe and have a happy holiday season.


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