How Things Really Are.

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Just Saying…That’s All.


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0 responses to “How Things Really Are.

  1. This almost sums up life as we know it . Loved the shoe thing ! The Suave thing is pretty funny also. As to the last photo , looks much like one of mine and my wife’s ” discussions “

  2. OK, I printed it out, all 64 pages, taped them together and it’s now hanging on the wall behind my iMac. NEVER AGAIN will I be caught unprepared, and for this life-saving service you’ve rendered, I and all my male friends thank you!

  3. The one about shoes is so true! LOL

  4. 36 in 1 formula, ha!

    • Where did you find it? I’ve looked in WalMart, Target, all the discount and superstores. I gotta get it, it will make GREAT Christmas gifts for all my guy friends!

  5. That is hilarious, all of it! Fav, though, was the Breakup pics, lol, so true. It takes men a long time to feel any real “pain” & dare to come around again (“Delayed Reaction Remorse” or DRR, a new entry in the DSM, don’t ya know!)

    “Um, & who did you say you were again? Oh, sorry, you’re a LITTLE TOO LATE, BUBBA! Goodbye!” 😀

  6. i have indoor sneakers and outdoor sneakers. the indoor ones are for playing basketball in the gym and the outdoor ones are for everything else. imelda marcos 500 pairs of shoes. at the time sometime in the 1980’s i thought that was a bit exaggerated but with time and having met and known many women i have seen shoes and shoes and this shoe goes with this outfit and i’m thinking outfit what the heck is an outfit. if my somethig is wrog not typing correctlyclothes match mclothes m

  7. Well I have 3 pair, lace up boots for work, sneakers for work out in winter, and sandals for everything summer…

  8. Priceless – great start to the week. LOVED the “how it really is” – those two just celebrated their 50th!!!


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