How the threatened government shutdown will work

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Blazing Saddles – Nobody move or …

Let’s adjust a famous quote to say,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to act like Congress.” (…with apologies to Edmund Burke)


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0 responses to “How the threatened government shutdown will work

  1. The only ones talking about shutdown are the Dems and Fox. Look what happened the last time we shut down the government – one year later we won a landslide victory. Do you think those people checked an additional (invisible) box that said “but give the Democrats what they want or else we won’t vote R again”?

  2. spot on!!

  3. Tell me-what damage would a shut down actually do? If we can get control over WHAT shuts down,I’d see a Government shut-down as a win-win. I’m sure,though,the alleged president would do a “Selective Shut-Down” though-stopping only the things that make the People the MOST MISERABLE,keeping open anything that will help the Progressives gain an upper-hand.

  4. Funny!


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