How the "migrants" look to a German girl

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Bibi Wilhailm – You are destroying Germany! 16 y o girl sheds light upon the refugee crisis

This young girl is pleading for help. She’s begging the government to wake up and defend the women and children of Europe from an army of men who have been allowed to come in.

Here’s a look at what this girl is afraid of. The following video is one that should wake up anyone with a brain and a conscience.

Please pray for this girl and all free people worldwide.

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0 responses to “How the "migrants" look to a German girl

  1. The ironic thing about this vid is that her tribe is behind the invasion.The real ? is not what the savages think abou them or jews for that matter but what the heck goes thru thier minds when it’s her tribe that advocate it and most likely she herself took some kind of advocacy for it and still do demanding special protection while calling for a bigger influx

    • Ojr, did you actually watch the video? I can easily understand how you might draw the conclusions you did, but this 16 year old kid is calling out to the German government to wake up, and realize that allowing this influx without controls is insane.
      Granted, America (or Obama and Bush, to be exact) is at fault for what happened in Iraq and Syria and Lybia. We should be sending humanitarian aid in huge amounts. But the fact is, those young men include many who are a jihadist army. Both the jihadists and the violent criminals should be dealt with very harshly, like an all new super-GITMO.

  2. heartbreaking…what a demonstration of how men have allowed themselves to become impotent in their own country….a child has to beg them to protect their women and children…shame on EU!

  3. the poor girl does not realize she was sold into slavery just like the americans. you can pray all day 7days a week. but until one gets off the fat arse and points it’s sow bellie to physical confrontation. nothing will happen.
    except all of heaven will laugh that one has become too poor to pay attention. the welfare systems have given the vision that GOD is the big welfare boss. too poor too pay attention the sheoples cry out day and night, take our wool, eat our children, just leave us grass to eat. it is a good thing God hates religion.

    • presumtious infidel, you and I see prayer quite differently. The prayers of a righteous person avail much. In fact, if you say one simple prayer today, your entire life will change.
      “Lord Jesus Christ, if you are real, please come into my heart and be my Lord.”
      Very simple, just 16 words, and a complete revolution.

      • Serbia/montengro/Croatia/bosnia {old Yugoslavia} began to have muslim troubles in the late 90’s. there was a guy sitting in a church, and heard what was happening to the Christian’s. that guy decided he would help those that otherwise would not escape mass graves. this went on for 1.5-2years. when the USA troops came to protect and preserve in islam in Europe this had to stop as it was not easy thing to began with, and satisfied that efforts had salvaged some to later go to universities/live “normal lives”. that one went to the church where it all begin. when the “Father” of the house saw that one, it was wording as criminal/killer/ etc. that one knowing 1st hand what was happening in the Balkans, asked the righteous churchie ” what if you were in warzone, praying for yourself or your children? would you have the same words? that guy has 0 to very little affinity to any churchie group. it is like in Germany when the train was delibvering victims to the camp, the cure was play the organ louder and sing louder. God has all kinds of vessels, the body of Christ is of many components. soliciting the “sinners prayer” accomplishes what in your mind? God always has a remnant of those that will not bend. ever consider that some never take risk or hardship? ever wonder why some “Christians” are constantly dealing with harsh conditions? perhaps those most religious in their comfort nests would be/are the foremost to break. it is written Judgement first begans in God’s house. many will find their ‘god’s” house is the wrong house.

  4. “Since when did self defense become hate speech?” Europe has been wussified ever since the UK lost the Iron Lady…

  5. “Since when did self defense become hate speech [on Facebook]?”
    Since September 2015, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised German Chancellor Angela Merkel FB would censor all “racist & “xenophobic” speech, i.e., speech critical of Muslims.

  6. When western countries allow their own religion and culture to become a minority, then it’s a failure of these nations. Look at India, 80% of indians are hindus which is their national religion and other religions are just a small minority. Shouldn’t we be taking their example and having 80% of christianity, rather than allowing Islam to be in the majority along with atheism. Looking at the history of my country and seeing when and what caused it to change dramatically reveals the source of the problem. My country used to have strong Christianity in the 20th century, where 80% of people went to church on Sundays and 50% of children went to Sunday school to learn about Christianity, then as the 21st century was approaching, a rise in consumerism made the new generations abandon christianity and then an invasion of non European migrants destroyed what was once a strong christian nation too -You can call it karma. People think they can solve the worlds problems and defeat evil whilst their minds are occupied with consumerism and reject christianity, and that’s the biggest delusion of all. Christianity is the real religion of peace and the only religion which can move humanity forward and defeat the wickedness of Islam. It is not racist, prejudice or fascist to speak the truth. When one is trying to suppress any free speech, it’s because one knows that the free speech contains truth and nothing is more powerful than the truth.

    • you are correct. I am very happy that my country rejected the muslim trash and may very well reject the EU. I thank God for these decisions many times a day. feeding/sheltering antichrist minions is the same as bowing to the antichrist. soon ww3/crusades will start. this will be so violent that what is left of the world will accept 1world government as their god. it is ashame that the church has become the worst place to be when Christ reveals Himself to an individual.

      • I think, from what I see, that Islam and it’s pseudo peace plan, coincides with the one world government and the pseudo peace plan for that. Muslims and their degenerative way of thinking / behaving are being used to bring about this one world government hence the deliberate forcing, special rights, protection from law and supressing those who criticise them. It’s all planned by the big pyramid. And unless the western world wakes up and searches for the leader of Christianity, then Europe and America will rot in filth and the natives will be wishing that they were never born. The difference between Islam and Christianity, is Christianity has been reformed unlike Islam. It was not founded by a criminal bandit that taught the world to abuse children and marry their cousins. Christianity is also not domineering, aggressive and oppressive . I would say Allah is the anti- Christ and Mohammed his messenger is Satan, because such behaviour only mirrors those dark powers. The evidence speaks for itself that dark powers are working through that organization (not religion). Some British Muslims who are converting to Christianity are receiving hate crime from other Muslims for doing so. That says it all really. One can’t have love for any god when they can’t grasp how to love non Muslims -It is complete lunacy for anyone to think otherwise.

        • west Europe and America in fact are gone, other than just a geographical place. commercialism/money printing/ and of all things licensing 501 non profit for churches{?}, as if the Holy Spirit of God needs state/government approval! and how blind the organizers of these “non profit” religious congregation/sects are to bind the living God. Reading the bible many times, I have never seen a reference to social benefits, Christ did not go to the cross for good works, He went to save the creation. He would have went to the cross if no man accepted Him is Lord and Savior. is it not written that God could turn stones into sons of Abraham? how pompous and futile are those that think Christ went to the cross to save them. the message of God’s love for His handywork is lost in the religious dogma of Christ willingly going to the cross for man alone. all of creation groans for the return of Christ the Creator. how pompous it is to think that churches and prayers for God to act or do something is all that is Christ’s. everyone has a self righteousness, but it is God that puts the thought and intent in a man’s heart. Romans explicitly details what s not acceptable to God, and yet the “bride of Christ” promotes and physically pays and recoginizes these behaviors, paying taxation and welcoming the dirt in the name of Christ. so yes we are in a lunatic world. a riddle on the 1beast were 3horns, the little horn was bady damaged then regrouped and destroyed the other 2. there are 3city states in the world, a law unto themselves, 1washington DC, military control, 2. thecity London, fiat currency control.
          3. Vatican, religious control. ever notice muslims and catholics BOTH count beads?

  7. I think it would be a real teaching moment if Fatima Merkel were locked in a room with 15 to 20 of these young migrants. Perhaps then she could appreciate the fact that she has brought ruin to her own doorstep. Why would other nations bring in hoards of people who have no intention of blending with your society–they want the natives to bend to Allah! I should think that the amount of monies the German people have spent on housing, feeding, medicating these foreigners would be enough to brake the bank, much less to have to pay to boot them out of the country. The idea of the “EU” frankly is ridiculous. I think that the poorer countries thought the “EU” would be an excellent way of getting hold of monies flowing from the wealthier countries, such as Germany, to shore up the unbridled spending of the less wealthy countries. Now we see that everyone gets to wallow in the same mess. This is no different than what is planned for us here in the USA.

    • it is not bend to allah, it is to trigger ww3. global martial law.

    • Wouldn’t you love to see her in that room? I am betting her time in Germany is on the downside. After her stupid decisions to bring such destruction to a once beautiful and proud country will not make it a safe place for her to stay.
      It is a sad thing when a little 16 YO girl has the biggest balls in the country.
      Stand up men, do your jobs of protecting the children and women.

      • It is a shame on german Men. They are as bad as the refugees/ immigrants when they sit back and do nothing. They need to grow some balls and act like a man should (a knight) and protect the children and women. People should also demand that Angela Merkel step down. Why is the Bitch still there? Germans are sleeping and such chaos is a reflection of that.

    • The Idea of the European union itself was Good. It has a spiritual and symbolic meaning to unite the western culture together through a common purpose. What happened is it got hijacked and corrupted by the money and power addicted Elites. Like I am always saying, the European Union should be divided into two halves and the second half should be where nations are joined through Christ.
      If European countries were connected through a common law and purpose based on Christianity, without corruption, taxes etc, rather than merely falling prey to consumerism and chaos, then it would be fruitful.
      The fact that a large proportion of Europeans (And Americans) have given up on god, means that their nations are falling apart from sin- This is the root of the problem.
      I see In Britain the decline of Christianity and it is the reason for the problems and chaos in society. Since the 21st century Consumerism, Islam, technology and Science keep rising to what seems like extremes, without any limits. UK Scientists now have free hands to create genetically modified babies.
      This is the doing of Satan who’s power and influence rose up stronger on the earth hence him and his army of angels were cast out of heaven and are closer to the physical earth than ever before. He is dragging humanity away from God and making them believe they are one themselves.
      How can anyone be naïve to think that human beings became so intelligent all by themselves and made advances in science and technology in such a short space of time.
      The Arab world is swimming in hypocrisy. One cannot be a Christian in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim dominated nations and can be murdered for being one, yet it’s ok for Muslims to invade Christian countries and destroy their culture. Their religion and culture is demonic and another proof that they are swimming in hypocrisy is how the leaders of Saudi Arabia behave – They don’t obey their own laws of Islam, but participate in orgies and other corruption. They simply have it in place as a backward law to control the people, a law which is governed by demons.
      People must realise that the Arab world has degenerated and that is the unprejudiced truth.
      Presumtious Infidel, it is not to bend to Allah No, but the demons behind Islam are the same demons working with those who wish to have world war III. It is two evils governed by the same demons who influence dominance, aggression, oppression, control freakery, hatred and sexual perversion – nothing more. They work together hand in hand. The only difference is, Muslims have no idea that they are being used for a sinister purpose.
      A religion of peace, this is the biggest hypocrisy I have ever heard. The same as a one world government to bring about peace on earth.
      The only way peace can prevail over chaos on earth, is for peace to be found in human hearts and chaos to be extinguished, and that can only be done through Christ.

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  9. There is a rather simple solution to all this ……k.t.a. , l.g.s.t.o.
    I am so fed up with watching videos of this scum raping , pillaging , murdering …The only thing these pricks understand is a .45 cal. upside the head . Send them to there 72 virgin sheep..

  10. Since I am so old (and wise now, BTW 🙂 ), I must note that NO evil “regime” has ever lived to flourish on Earth for long. They are so contrary to the natural yen to survive, procreate, protect offspring, and flourish by one’s own sweat/accomplishments. It is an ever waxing/waning situtation….no one learns from History….There were the Khans who brutally conquered real estate up to the gates of Europe…and all in about TWO year’s time on the backs of horses, with their bows/arrows in free hands….there has been the “Reich” of Hitler and his pals….and the 70-year experiment in USSR with Communism….The Jihaddists have been at the gates of Christendom before…..killing & capturing so many Christians at one time in History that one could be bought for the price of a pair of SHOES in that time..
    Weak leaders go into the scrap-bin of History, known ONLY for their scandals, maybe some “first” for which they had NOTHING to do with other than circumstance or race, or gender, or religion or yhatta yhatta.
    Conversely, resolute leaders inspire nations to save themselves and each other, build mighty places where even the “lowly” can live free and provide for him/herself, earn a way “up” from nothing to something….regardless of birth or religion or sex…..and these leaders are never forgotten….This is a never-ending flow of time…
    I wish I’d never have had to see this latest “tide” washing over us—–the rise of Islamic terrorists–ONCE AGAIN on Earth….and the attempted and on-going extinctioin of Christians or other NON- Muslims….the subjugation and indifference to the survival and well-being of women and children by their own spouses/fathers…..the ill-attempt to “conquer’ others through procration with “conquered women” (HELLO—EVEN HITLER TRIED THIS to no avail—pretty sure if you dig back, there were others in other “conquering” tribes who tried it as a technique to “take over the world”).
    But once again, it visits us here on our piddling planet. I know (and hope) I will be long-dead before it is decided ONCE AGAIN—-after decent people step forward and stop turning a blind eye to evil and suffering and slaughter.

  11. PS: Bibi and friends….immigrate to the USA as refugees from German violence visited upon women and children by the sanctioned , thousands of “immigrants” ( able-bodied 25-year-old men “fleeing’ Islamist countries) allowed in by your governement to assault, rape, kill you and your neighbors………and THEN…make you PAY for them to live there and carry on indefinitely……) Let’s SEE if OBAMA lends an ear to YOU……


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