How the liberals work: A coordinated attack on American Sniper

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The movie American Sniper set a record at the box office last weekend and the liberal media is in overdrive to make sure it isn’t a success this weekend.
January 19, 2015: American Sniper opened in January like a superhero movie in July, taking in a record $105.3 million over the Martin Luther King Jr. four-day weekend. The film’s success obliterated forecasts and set numerous box-office records. It easily surpassed “Avatar” to become the biggest January weekend ever.
Witness what the liberal media “reported” in the following days:

  • Slate, January 20: “American Liar”
  • Slate, January 20: “What’s Up With the Stupid Plastic Baby in American Sniper? The Screenwriter Explains”
  • Salon, January 20: ““American Sniper” and the culture wars: Why the movie’s not what you think it is”
  • Vulture, January 20: “5 Things American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Allegedly Lied About”
  • National Post, January 20: “American Sniper Chris Kyle was proved a liar by Jesse Ventura”
  • Vox, January 23: “American Sniper is a dishonest whitewash of the Iraq war”
  • Slate, January 23: “How Accurate Is American Sniper?”
  • Salon, January 23: “7 heinous lies “American Sniper” is telling America”
  • GMA, January 23: “What ‘American Sniper’ Got Right and Wrong, According to SEAL Who Helped Train Chris Kyle” (This headline is misleading: the only thing listed in the article about what was “wrong”? The portrayal of sniper training. Why? “He realizes he’s not objective when it comes to this, since he said he help reinvent the program that the real-life Kyle actually went through, but he still thought the segment trivialized an incredibly physically and intellectually demanding course.”)

Do you see a pattern here?
liberal media bias
Read my review and support this movie!

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0 responses to “How the liberals work: A coordinated attack on American Sniper

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Thank you Clint Eastwood for bringing this American Hero to the screen. –J.Lingle

  2. Meanwhile, American Sniper continues to score more box office records this weekend with a total box office thus far of $197.7M, which means no one is paying attention to the Left’s bile attack. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  3. Haven’t the liberals learned by now that the “silent majority” will make sure anything they — the liberals — tear down, we the — “silent majority” — will make sure it succeeds. Note to liberals, the more outraged you become over things, the more we fight back as in the case, making sure the American Sniper succeeds at the box office. The last movie we went to see was The Son of God. The liberals were making such a fuss about it that we went on opening day just to be counted as trying to make the opening day a success. By the way, that held true for our twelve member Bible study group.

  4. I have only seen a few of the trailers to the movie, so I’m not sure abou the whole movie, but I am looking forward to seeing it. I was also a “sniper” but in Special Forces in the Army, so I’m interested to see if it will show much of the training, and if they will show much of the mission criteria to see how much it differed from mine. Kyle has WAY more kills than I do, but we had very different jobs. He was working mostly “on the line” as I understand it, and I worked ONLY behind the lines. Often I would get only one shot, and that was it. We packed up and left. So his job had a lot more trigger time to it than mine.
    I still practice the craft, but it’s not the same as being there. Being on a rifle range, and being in a foreign country are two totally different things. Plus my eyes aren’t nearly as good as they used to be, and even using scopes, this is a big hindrance. Still, it’s fun to know you can “out shoot” just about everyone alive.

    • “I’m interested to see if it will show much of the training” No, it doesn’t, not really. “show much of the mission criteria to see how much it differed from mine” Ditto on that. It focuses more on the character and the effects of war on Chris.

  5. DCG, thank you for bringing this info to us . . . I’m going to go out and see the movie this coming week. I usually wait until it comes out on DVD, but what the hect. I feel like I need to support this movie now.

  6. It does not matter what the Hollweirdos say about Sniper, the people have spoken with their wallets and Sniper is a HUGE success that no amount of Liberal whining can take down.

  7. Coming from people that would never have the guts to join the military. It is a deflection from their own putrid lives.

    • Liberalism: The nagging feeling that someone, somewhere is doing better, better able to take care of themselves and/or capable of kicking more butt with one hand tied behind their back and that it must be stopped (or at least vilified) for the common good.

  8. Did you miss the infowars article about that movie, they didnt like it either. they refered to it as propaganda…

    • Well, if you believe the whole premise of the war was a lie, then of course you’d consider it propaganda. The critics go back to Bush, and the invention of heroes – Lynch, Tillman, etc. Easy to do when you despise Bush and believe the government also did 9/11.
      The movie is about the effects of war on an individual, the “liar” that is known as Chris Kyle. Easy to attack him now that he is dead. What is not easy to do is get in the mind of the man, and it’s impossible to question him now that he’s gone. Soldiers who experience what he did have to be of a certain mindset – one that isn’t perfect and is possibly scarred. Maybe he exaggerated, fibbed a little, and re-wrote scenes in his mind. Possible result of PTSD and a coping mechanism? Maybe.
      Yet the liberal media is clear in their bias: Poor widdle Lena Dunham lied about a republican raping her yet got a free pass and total support from the media. Double standards much?

  9. After another successful box office weekend, Salon just won’t give up on dissing American Sniper (so now they throw in the dastardly “Fox News”!): “American Sniper’s” biggest lie: Clint Eastwood has a delusional Fox News problem“. Ha!

  10. I usually don’t go to movies because I can’t stand Hollyweird and those that run it. I made an exception last night because I wanted to support Clint Eastwood and what American Sniper stands for. I thought the movie was fantastic!! One of the best I’ve seen in a long time and Kyle was an exceptional man.

    • Same here. I think it was Michael Moore who made the comment that The American Sniper glorified killing. I found this to be a very strange comment coming from a Hollywood movie producer and director, since just about everything Hollywood does glorifies blood, guts and gore. But then maybe American Sniper is so real and actually happened that it actually got to him. Oh well. it was a wonderful movie.

      • Michael Moore is a well guarded POS. I’m sure the bodyguards that have the misfortune of guarding him are armed and would use their guns. American Sniper shows an urban warfare type of body guarding of our troops. Why the Libratared Moore can’t get that through his massive head is beyond me. Just plain stupid I guess.


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