How progressive: Striking LA teachers turn to social media to shame substitutes

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From NY Post: Some striking Los Angeles teachers are trying to teach picket-line crossers a lesson — by posting their names on social media.

“These subs crossed our picket line,” Deanna Cambell posted on Twitter Monday — with a list of substitutes working to keep the second-largest school system in the nation open.

Only a third of the students showed up for classes Monday, the first day of the strike, costing the district $25 million in state funding based on attendance, according to The Los Angeles Times. After subtracting $10 million in unpaid wages for the strikers, the district lost $15 million.

The students who did go to school were taught by a skeletal staff that struggled to keep them engaged.

“It’s clearly having a big impact,” Los Angeles schools Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “We need our educators back in our classrooms inspiring students.”

Meanwhile, some students joined the United Teachers Los Angeles union and its 31,000 members on the picket line with their parents. “My parents support me,” high school sophomore Rea Angeli told the Times, adding she plans to be out on the picket line until Wednesday. “Teachers do a lot for us.”

“After the strike, it’s better not to go back to school,” the 15-year-old said. “You’re crossing the picket line. It’s not helping the teachers. If you can [avoid going to] to school, it’s a little action. It helps them a lot, so why not do it?”

The Teamsters Local 399 union urged production companies filming at school location to stand with them too. “Teamsters don’t cross picket lines!” the union said, according to Deadline. “If you are filming on a location at a school that has an active picket line you do not have to cross. We urge members to stand in solidarity with educators by honoring their picket lines.”

Educators are demanding better pay, smaller class sizes and more support staff in the union’s first strike in the City of Angels in 30 years.


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5 responses to “How progressive: Striking LA teachers turn to social media to shame substitutes

  1. They get “$25M” (a DAY?)? Wow, the cost of programming is steep. I suppose it isn’t easy teaching about 37 different genders and finding transvestites to come poison the pupils.

    The schools, like the FBI, needs a complete overhaul.

  2. Goobermint ejumikashion is run by morons.

  3. CogitoErgoSumantra

    There’s no easy solution; such “teacher strikes” seem to be spreading across major metro areas in recent years. But the children shouldn’t be made to suffer for it. And they shouldn’t be inculcated with the union-only point of view.

    Think of the hell the parents are going through wondering what their kids are doing while they’re away at work (or taking time off themselves to supervise)… for those that work, I guess.

    But good teachers deserve good working conditions and salaries. It seems like a microcosm of the situation facing us with the U.S. Gov’t shut-down because the Dems won’t come to the table and negotiate… they’re not considering the extent of its effects nor the size of the cost.

    The “minimum living wage” movement isn’t much different. Well, except in terms of workers & their value. We NEED good teachers. We don’t really need to support jobs at McDonald’s as a primary career choice for most adults.

    The problem I have with unions (and my parents disagree with me on this) is that they can demand ALL workers get pay raises and additional benefits, regardless of their value or performance, and if owners refuse, they’re left with NO workers. It’s anti-capitalist. But it’s what gave my parents a chance.

  4. Wow.


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