The Babylon Bee never disappoints…


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6 days ago

So he’s posing as Jack Dorsey. Hah!
I like this Bee-bit too:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A congressional prayer at Capitol Building took over 24 hours to complete as Rep. Emanuel Cleaver concluded his prayer with amen, awomen, and amen variations of all 5,787 other genders. 
“Amen, Awomen, Anonbinary, Agenderqueer, Atwo-spirit, Apolygender… this could take a while,” Rep. Cleaver said. “If anyone needs to go out and get some refreshments, feel free.” 😀

John is my Guardian Angel
John is my Guardian Angel
6 days ago

Trust in the Lord to smite our enemies and pass the ammunition…

6 days ago

People, this is an urgent message regarding S. C. O. R. E. C. A. R. D. and H. A. M. M. E. R. Evidently, friendlies captured Nancy’s laptop, and very interesting information was found, hence the panicked call for Trump’s impeachment and banning of Trump and his allies. A near-total blackout. This could be why.

https://video dot parler dot com/cp/w6/cpw6s3ivQ0DO dot mp4

Swap out the Dots. Repost WIDELY.