How out of touch can a mayor be? Just ask demorat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan!

Mayor Jenny Durkan fighting for the “human right” to abort your baby

Recent headlines from local Seattle news outlets:

Seattle business owner looks east after having knife pulled on him

Musician beaten by homeless man in Seattle continues to recover

Ballard landlord losing tenants due to fear of drugs, crime, encampments

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs sanctuary state law

Seattle business owners urge new approach to crime and homelessness

This Week In Seattle: 6 Shootings, 9 Victims, 1 Dead

Homeless encampment cleared after drug bust

Urine, assaults have jurors avoiding King County Courthouse

And what does the liberal, homosexual mayor Jenny Durkan tweet about ? Garbage trucks, LED lights, abortion, and the “human” and universal rights to kill your babies! Priorities, after all…

.@CityofSeattle makes history with electric @CleanScapes garbage truck

Have you seen one of our LED conversions to downtown’s historic globe lights in the wild yet? Last week, @Q13FOX provided a peek at the project.

Thank you to @SeattleRotary4 for the opportunity to join you today to discuss the challenges facing our City. Organizations like yours that believe in public service, and bringing everyone to the table to make our City stronger help make Seattle such a vibrant place to live.

We will march forward and demand that we get the universal rights for every woman and child in this country.” – @MayorJenny #StopAbortionBans #StopTheBans @PPVNH @Surge4RJ”

.@MayorJenny starts with addressing the men in the crowd: “Does it feel like there are too few of here? Guess what? That’s what every boardroom in America feels like if you’re a woman. That’s what Congress feels like if you’re a woman.” #StopTheBans”

Elections have consequences. Good luck with yours, Seattle!


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And a homosexual too? I never would have guessed. I must say that my definition of “vibrant” differs from MayorJenny’s. Where do these creatures come from? It’s like they have warehouses full of them, waiting to be shipped to a city near you


Looks to me like they’re delivering to their owners as promised. Remember, “they don’t work for us”. I’m sure she thinks her “record” is excellent. With each passing day more chaos ensues and soon the entire structure will collapse, exactly as her owners planned. I saw this many years ago when they first started implementing the various UN-directed, globalist plans for zoning, etc.. Nothing in them was attractive to residents. They didn’t care. They actually see themselves, (correctly) as placed in their positions by The Odor. There only remarks about citizens give them away. We’ve seen numerous examples of them… Read more »


Hey MayorJenny, if you feel so uncomfortable in boardrooms and Congress, just get back in the kitchen. Or just go do whatever failed godless lesbian mayors do. We don’t want to know


Queers do love shitholes.
Guess they want to live in one too


there won’t be anybody left in seattle that will vote these dispicable people out of office. the ones left will eventually turn on the leadership because there won’t be anybody paying taxes to cover the cost of “free” stuff.


I agree with the comment “the ones left will eventually turn on the leadership because there won’t be anybody paying taxes to cover the cost of “free” stuff”