How observant are you? Take this quiz!

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How well do you observe the ordinary things around you, such as a stop sign?
Here’s a fun 25-question quiz to test your powers of observation and memory!
The e-mail from Igor says that the normal score is 7 out of 25. So don’t feel bad if your score isn’t so high.
To take the test, click here!
H/t beloved Igor.

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0 responses to “How observant are you? Take this quiz!

  1. Well I got 16…

  2. 22/25 I’m surprised that I did this well since I don’t usually notice little details. (:

  3. I got 14….um, why do I need to know how many lug nut thingies are on a tire? That’s what my mechanic needs to know 🙂

  4. I got 21, but I’m just a dumb cowboy! Semper Fi

  5. you are correct, one direction the winds goes up and the other it goes down…

  6. I got 17…

  7. First time I scored an 11 and second time 25. I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

  8. Dennis H. Bennett

    16 here. I want to see Biden’s score!!

  9. I got 18, surprised myself.

  10. i got 20 out of 25 the first time mostly good guesses i took a follow up test and scored 24 out of 25 pretty tricky little quiz stuff you sort of should know but like how many states i mean obama says 57 and he’s the president i know there are only 50 stars but if obama says it it must be true right i still don’t know why that clown is still president and the danger of him being re- elected is absolutely scary. o m g

  11. Dennis H. Bennett

    And in what state, Mr. Vice President, is Providence the capitol of? “Why, Road Island, of course!!” May he rest in peese (yes, its intentional).


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