How Much Govt Debt Will Cost You In Taxes

NOTE: This was originally posted on Sept. 24, but I’m keeping it on our frontpage until November 2, as a reminder of what we need to do. I welcome readers to treat this thread as an Open Thread.

When we see a figure of $13.5 trillion for our country’s total national debt, our eyes have a way of glazing over. The human brain simply cannot absorb or comprehend a figure as humongous as $13,502,281,890,472 (as of 5:10pm, west coast time, Sept. 24, 2010).
By next year, 2012, total US debt will exceed our GDP — America’s total economic output. In 10 years, the federal debt will be even more incomprehensible: $23,089,009,030,226!
Thanks to beloved fellow DCG, there’s a website,, that helps us translate those astronomical figures into something we can better understand. It enables us to calculate just how much our government’s runaway spending and resultant liability (debt) will cost each of us in future taxes. It’s your personal Government Cost Calculator.
By simply providing your education, age, and income, you’ll find out the depressing truth about:

  • Your average future monthly taxes,
  • Your lifetime federal taxes, and
  • Your lifetime alternate return (what your taxes could have earned if you invested the money instead of fork it over to the robber government).

Of course, this pertains only to the 53% of us who actually pay income taxes! How are you liking that Hope and Change?
To calculate your tax liability, CLICK HERE.

H/t beloved fellow Microserf for the above video!


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Sean Hannity’s 101 ways they wasted our money was so maddening. Notice how there is no mention however anymore on where our money really went? How many of them have lined their pockets? It was Biden’s job to make sure the stimulus money went to the correct places,{what a joke} These commies know once we stomp them back into their sump holes,they will not get another chance for quite some time,so I feel they have put plenty of our money out of sight. I want to know where it is. One of the very first things they did was buy… Read more »


I paid over 30,000$ in income tax last year, and it wasn’t enough, they wanted more. My wife paid about 20,000$, that’s 50,000 in taxes by our household. That doesn’t include insurances etc….How much more do they want?


Take a look at this 1 minute video about the gov’t debt, it sorta says it all.


Good Lord!! Trillions and trillions by our govt. Remember, it was the Tea Tax that started the American Revolution. When do we take a stand? The govt. (both political parties) wants all of our money.
Need to read a great book out where Americans finally stand up to tyranny. I recommend it cause it could be our destiny in history soon.