How Does He Do It?

Here’s something to give your mind an exercise and prevent Alzheimer’s. You don’t need to know Chinese to get the gist of what this dude is doing.
His name is Liu Chien, a magician who does amazing tricks with a wooden jigsaw puzzle. He starts out with 9 pieces of wood, of different sizes and shapes, which fit together into a large rectangle (#1) that fits perfectly into a white frame.
At 1:30, he takes from his jacket pocket a 10th small square piece that he must now add to the original 9 pieces to form a rectangle (#2). And he succeeds!
At 2:27, he takes yet an 11th small rectangular piece that he, again, manages to add this to the now 10 pieces to form a large rectangle (#3).
Finally, at the end, he shows that the large rectangle (#3), presumably now comprised of 11 pieces instead of the 9-piece rectangle #1 or the 10-piece rectangle #2, still fits the the white frame!
How can the addition to the original 9 pieces of a 10th small square and an 11th small rectangle form a large rectangle that appears to be the same size as the large rectangle in the beginning of the video?
I think I know how he did it. Two hints:

  • Laws of Physics
  • He’s an illusionist  😉

H/t my sis-in-law Shireen!

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Dave from Atlanta
Dave from Atlanta

I am guessing that he has two of those white outer frames – while the pretty girls are trying to figure out the puzzle for money he swaps the smaller frame for the larger one. The rest of it is just geometry.